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I had a friend, Frances Watts, who lived next door to me on Amesbury Circus. She moved to Mapperley top then Wilford Crescent East. She must have gone through school at Trent Bridge, and I wondered if anyone knew her, and know what she's doing now? She was born 16/8/47, so would have gone into the senior school Sept 58 and left July 62. Haven't seen her since she turned up at the church for my wedding. She said she was married and had a baby boy, so he must be 38 now. Anyone know who I'm talking about?

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Hi Katyjay

This is Nottstalgia.

We faahnd the mate you were lookin fer

Please send seven and a half quid to mick2me...

Dear mate of Katyjay.

This is Nottstalgia.

She's bin lookin all over fer yer.

She sent you this message...

Please send me seven and a half quid, and we'll forward your reply

Ooo Err!

Sorry, I thought we were on FiendsReuntied?

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Yes - I think I remember Frances - I seem to think she was a friend or in the same class as my wife, Michelle Green 5/6/48 - 8/4/09.

We were all a big community that used to go to St Faiths on Thursday and Saturday nights, Katy Gay and Linda Davenport are names that stir memories roundabout that time.

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