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I was in the Poachers back yard  until about ten thirty from there we had the last one in the, sod it I can't remember it's name, anyroadup if you go out the back way through the yard up the steps and turn right there is a pub across the road about fifty yards away but I wouldn't recommend going in there because the ale is crap,  the only bitter they had on was Whitbread Trophy...I shall not be going in there ever again........................ vampire2

Is this the one Den?

or for an aerial view

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bip....the next shoot is on two weeks time, if you want to come brilliant, this invite extends to anybody else on this site who`s interested, i`ll supply the guns and cartridges but it will cost £12 for the shoot i`m afraid, nothing i can do about that as i only help run it not own it. it`s all legal and above board, no need for a licence as you shoot on mine. i garantee you will enjoy it.

Get yersen down to Wal-Mart, on Mountain Avenue, Arcadia.

Yer can buy a ten boxes of ten cartridges for $15.95 on a shelf near to the 'Push Pops' I work that out at 16c per shot (plus tax)

You can purchase yer own shotgun fer a couple of hundred too

Did I ever tell you I was a first class shot, though I do tend to prefer 9mm!

& congrats Rob too B)

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Well blow me down frank so near yet so far away, never knew they had a best room mate unless you mean the none smoking room.

My mate is a smoker so it's either with the peasants or the back yard we go.....

Spot on mate the Sir Charles Napier it is and what a crap place to finish off a superb night of quoffing as much as i can down of Harvest Pale......never again, I would rather take a walk down North Sherwood Street to the Hole in The Wall where they do sometimes have something I like ... :Friends:

PS, ignore mick he's still getting over the jet lag, it will take several weeks before he realises he's back in good old England.......

Mr rob t .....PM me with the details of your next shoot.......

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Hello all,

Back in France and finally moved into new place. have unpacked last box. Forgot how much junk we had packed away. First box was packed over 10 months ago!!!

Anyway weather still great here not too mention wine. Just need to do something about the french. Joke!!! Their not that bad.

How did your meet up go? anyone take pictures?



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DEN... The Piccys.

Glad yer got back safe, Nice weather and all.

But Nottingham is just a click away.

And if yer live in La Belle Francais, thats the way it should be.

Stay in touch... We look forward to seeing your pics too B)

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