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My son pays for Netflix in Holland and we can log in to use it but it only allows one user at a time (without them upgrading). Luckily they go to bed quite early so it's not often we cant get on for a late night film . 


Conversely we have a Now TV box and just pay for the entertainments package (for TV box sets usually from Sky Channels ).

You are allowed to register it on 6 different devices (can't view on more than two at once) so son in Holland watches on his phone and casts it to his TV via Chromecast . 

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I buy bits and pieces on Amazon from time to time but don't use Prime.   When buying things I notice that the form to complete the purchase is heavily geared and biased towards aiming you at

If it's me you're alluding to I pay an annual fee of £79 for Prime. I use Amazon extensively now for just about anything except food. It's 10 miles round trip to Southwell, 20 to Newark and 26 to Nott

It looks like we're going to have to resort to online shopping owing to restrictions applied by the major stores.   ASDA 2 hand sanitisers, and a 4 pack of toilet rolls.   TESCO 1

We bought an Amazon Firestick a few months ago for our TV in Dorset.  We’d been paying £86 a month for SKY but we weren’t here enough to warrant the expense, seeing as we’ve got Virgin Media in Nottingham as well.  We  cancelled the SKY in February and got an aerial man to connect it all up to get FreeSat, then with the Firestick we get hundreds of channels ....... the fact I personally only watch BBC and ITV makes no odds!  We also pay some bloke in Eastern Europe £50 per 6 months and can now get every soccer game live, even Forest.  So far so good, it keeps my husband occupied, clicking the tv changer all the flippin’ time!  

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