Sir Sean Connery

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Love chancing my arm with my memory,

Think there was another Connery film, featured Sid James and the boxer Freddie Mills.

Anybody recall this?

Really good film if i remember..

Apologies, in advance if my wires are crossed!

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No! HSR just a regular pub quiz goer with a group of friends for a meal, a few beers and a laugh. Been going together for over 12 years.

There are a number of pub trivia questions that turn up regularly and that James Bond question is one of those.

Here are a few more common Bond quiz questions

Q) What was the first car to appear in a Bond film? ..... 

Q) Which actor appeared in the most Bond films? ..... 

Q) Which actor from Last of the Summer Wine had roles in three Bond films? ..... 

Q) Pat Roach from Auf Weidersehen Pet  appeared in which Bond film? ..... 

Q) What was the first British car that James Bond drove? ..... 


All the answers are Googleable but if you like your James Bond you should know them

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