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On 11/4/2015 at 11:58 PM, Guest said:

Has everyone forgotten about cattle market Kate?


I was just reading through the posts and found the line I have quoted. Hope it is not to sensitive a question, but does anyone  know 'Who or what was cattle market Kate'?

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To save blushes, a name has been tweaked …… In my younger days, I had the immense pleasure to be the object of the affections of a stunning young lady, whose parents ran several chip shops around

Bugger me!...on second thoughts!!

The reason that Albert Brown was so famous is because homosexuality wasn't so in your face in those days. Maybe I should have put that in a different way. lol. If you were gay you'd keep it a secret,

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Married "Tom Harto" mates of "Lay By Liz" 

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Ask any truck driver from that era and they will tell tales of ladies of negotiable affection who rode up and down the motorways and trunk roads. One of the more repeatable names is Liverpool Lil who was like an early version of Lily Savage. I presume cattle market Kate was somewhat similar 

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There's still a problem in Notts apparently. The lay-by at Cromwell north of Newark is a notorious spot for prostitution and associated drug taking. The villagers are, understandably, getting a bit brassed of with the situation. 

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