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So, GCSE candidates get to find out which topics will be covered in the exam and the marking will be more generous.  Good opportunity for adult students to get in there and add a few qualifications to their portfolio!

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Its OK taking you qualifications like GCSE A level , NVQ 1,2,3,4,5. B_TEC and the rest. Every few years the goverment change the goal post and teachers don't know if they are coming or  going. The worst thing this country doe's which i feel is wrong after you have taken your qualification it is not recognised abroad, Example  I taught a young girl  TDLB 32/34 it's an assors award, she passed with flying colours, she went to live in Canada but they would not accept her qualification. My bother had qualified as a motor mecanic went to live in Germany they would not accept his qualificatin. Now to me all countries should  all work to the same qualification it would make life much more simple.

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