Spice girls video - Nottingham?

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Who were that two hit wonder band from Nottingham, 3 letters after the members names...maybe 1990/91? One who was chubby ran that pub which was on the junction of western boulevard with Radford Rd which was demolished to make a drive thru McDonalds (think it was called Whatsits and Thingumyjigs for a while?) 

There were two white guys and one black guy and I worked at what was the Mobil petrol station on Nuthall Road next door to Ideal Cleaning and Sherriff Tool Hire. I left the garage and this black guy took my position and he'd only been there a couple of weeks when their record was a hit, (may have been a cover) and he left the garage high n dry and just never went back. Think they followed up with a second single then sank without trace. I remb that they had a lot of local publicity at the time as they came from nowhere and the chubby bloke wasn't usual pop star material. Who were they?

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The Sleaford Mods video was made by James Turner who is a big friend of my son. Here's another video made in Nottingham by Fraser Lowrie who is the son of one of MozMicDawn's drummers. http://youtu.

Could be right sure looks like the five spice girls Ginger Mel B & C Baby the other one are indeed traveling on a Nottingham bus? Where's our bus experts?    

Seem to have lost a bit in my last post. Looks to be an ex NCT Atlantean. Apparently the video was shot at the hotel next to St Pancras.

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It’s a horrible video RR, doesn’t put Nottingham and its inhabitants in a good light …… but nice to see inside the City Ground.  

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