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Having decided that roots from nearby trees were preventing the greenhouse soil from working well, I decided to build a 10' long x 2' 8" staging to act as a bench to use for potted plants. I spent some time building the base using 4x2 for the legs and 3x2 for the framework, only to be told by the good lady that I was "Going over the top" and that "Something basic would suffice." By then I had already finished the base and had installed it in the greenhouse. As I was beginning to screw down the slats for the top work surface, what should hit my ears but "It would be nice if one could remove the top so that it would make it easy to put things inside instead of having to bend down and push things under." Hmmm....rethink time. Some hours later, I had made a framework and fixed the slats (8 x 70mm x 20mm) onto it and added 3 x 4" hinges so that it could be fitted and raised like the lid of an ottoman. "What are you doing?" enquired a female voice. "I'm hinging the whole top so that you can raise it when you want to drop things inside." I replied. "Could you not have thought of something simpler? It seems over the top to me." Said the voice. I promptly went out for a ride on my bike........

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