Greyhound Stadium. late 70's

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Does anybody have any memories of the Greyhound stadium? Not the earlier White city,but they would be interesting too.

Batteries in will be brief


Few hounds I remember and would have been my favourites.


Can't Fancy.. Coppin

Blanche Boy..Flint

The three Kirby's..(Same litter) Coppin.

Eilleens Ginger..white & fawn can't recall the trainers Name, bugged me for ages!






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Jack Coppin..Skellingthorpe...head lass Maggie.


Tommy Smith..Long Eaton.. daughter Paula.


Emil Kovac, I think Eastwood..


Christine and Shamus Lawlor..unsure.


The Legend..Wilf Flint, think Alfreton but could be Ilkeston?

Also trained at the Nottingham White City. Son Gordon took over the ropes.

Got them of my chest..Few names that people might Google...;)







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My mistake, Kovac was Ruddington me thinks, who was Eastwood?

Major discrepancy on my part, missed off Charlie Lister, think he had two separate spells.


Only five dogs per race, Trap 3 vacant.

The distances were 312 & 500 metres originally, can't remember exactly but there was the occasional 764.


Later, the addition of 485 and 530, with 500 being phased out.

Makes sence I suppose, but 500 is the distance..

Enough for today..


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Apologies for the multiple postings, decided to change my arm and just 'wing it', Set myself a mini quiz which I can google later...


A couple more trainers..sort off! Best I can do memory wise 

Tina ?? & a chap called Tompkins.

Possibly Pam Timmins also, had runner's, maybe only open races,

also a chap, irish, only had about six dog's, all pushing top grade, think he started unattached, occasional chat at the trails on Wednesday mornings.


Recall watching one of the famous two Overt/Coe clashes (Olympics?) in the small TV room, upstairs 

on the left.


Bookies, varied between 5 and 7, Can only recall Jim Carter, Bill Bright, and Jack? Cowan. 

Carter normally 'chalked up' first, actually he was the only one to use a marker pen.

Remember some bookies would scrub their boards, without even taking a bet when one of the comical "stampede's' came!!

Happy days...






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Prior to Nottingham opening, recall a bus from Mount St to Derby Dogs on a Wednesday night, about 12 people, same faces every week.

When Nott's opened this went down to about 7.


Cracking Black Bitch called Lois Lane, top grade and off a handicap.

Came over to Nottingham for an open race, hit the front third bend.

..job done.

The name Terry Munslow comes to idea why!





Wasn't the site of Derby Greyhound stadium previously a prison?

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My dad was General Manager at Derby from the 1950's until 1978 when he left to briefly run Long Eaton. Derby closed in 1988 and offices were built on the site. The old facade remains as it is listed. Prior to dog racing, it was used as a prison.


I still attend at Colwick most Saturdays, although there haven't been spectators since last March due to Covid. I've had a few dogs trained by Terry Munslow who knew dad from Derby days. He's one of the few remaining 'old stagers'. It's a different game these days. 

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On 4/28/2021 at 10:35 PM, FenwayRich said:

It's a different game these days. 

Hi Rich..


Relating to Nott's, I miss the, overly long production of the photo finish resulting in a hound that looks like a proboscis monkey and the groan that went up as the hare driver took his foot of the pedal, between the second & third bend! 

Happy days! 


Recall the name Dave Conway at Colwick, don't think he was the Racing Manager, was it a Father and Son team?

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Remember the occasional auction at Colwick on Sunday Morning's.

The 'Stars' of the show were listed.on the front of the auction programme.

Alway looked for the tenacious, unlucky second or third finisher.

Log book, remained in our back pocket.. despite numerous requests from the auctioneer. slywink



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Alex, a chap who worked for Ladbrokes had a 'Talent' to sniff..

Never failed, to not nail a photo opportunity, had Jim Bean, the Evening Post Tipster, totally in his pocket.


Did anybody attend Chesterfield?


would I be right for thinking Peterborough was a flapping track? I'm thinking NGRC unregisted, talking early 80's

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Don't mind a night at the "Dishlickers" here in OZ. 8 dogs per race, blink and you miss it

A night at the "Redhots" (Trotters or Pacers) is also good, bright and colourful

The gallops are my favourites I have some shares in a couple that are doing quite well and off to the races again later in the week.

The thrill of your horse passing the post first is something else.

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On 12/11/2022 at 2:15 PM, HSR said:

Cathy's Clown.


I Apolgise, my mistake, Can't Fancy was six wins on the bounce(Coppin trained)

Cathy's Clown was a dog!

and trained by the Lawler's! (I think)


doe's anybody recall Dunmurray Tim and Variety's interesting stuff..







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I thought my cut off point was '83..which has to be wrong..

There was that brindle dog, name of Bob & the Trap six black celeb', tailed off but always won.. Think this was 84-86?


 it was celeb' night, sure a bookie (unfamiliar) took one bet of an even thousand.. instantly thought fake!


Two races later, a thousand on the Tote, instantly

1-99, the dog did win at 2/7.. it had to be real...


Commercial BS had arrived..


On a positive note, recall a bookie called Peter Derrick, Top man, and the only one I'd trust without a ticket, 

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In general.. obviously exceptions,

I should elaborate..

50 pound's per bookie, with coindination, 5 bookies..250 was hard work…


Does anybody recall that chap, alway's stood on a box..and a farmer, 500 to 2 down to Brian! Lol..!!

happy days..


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