Led Zep Ticket, The Boat Club.

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How much do you think it sold for on Ebay?

Thanks for that one Red...

This is an original ticket when LED ZEPPELIN

appeared at the Nottingham Boat Club on Sunday 21st March 1971.

The Boat Club was a small venue near Tent Bridge in Nottingham UK.

I remember having to queue on the previous Sunday just to get a ticket.

Led Zeppelin had the original line up and at this time were playing mega statdiums. However they decided to return to the clubs that they played in the very early days and the Boat Club was one of them.

I still remember the night was PACKED with about 300 people because the club could not hold more than this number.

The ticket is in good condition (a few creases) because it's been locked away in a tin for 25 years. the size is 4 1/2 by 3 inches.


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Well just in case you didn't know.

RARE LED ZEPPELIN TICKET - Nottingham Boat Club 1971


Winning bid: £536.00

Ended: 30-Sep-06 11:56:28 BST

Postage costs: £1.50

At least the postage was cheap!

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Just been reading the statement from Nottingham Forest regarding the redevelopment of the City Ground, they only mention 2 of the 3 rowing clubs, but the mention of "State of the art" tells me they could be demolished? I have always liked the 3 clubs being there, but a brand new building probably works for the rowing clubs? 



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