Listergate 1950-60's

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Lister Gate is now an extreme ghost town. I walked down there only a few days ago.


If you start at Albert Street - near M & S - and go down towards the remains of Broad Marsh, virtually all the shops are empty and unoccupied (not just because of lockdown). It won't come back to life until something is done with the ex-shopping centre.

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This was on the Nottingham Facebook page recently and got a massive number of comments. Let's see what happens here.   

Cracking picture, worrabart those lamps on the island?    

Walter Fountain, RR.

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Yes, Arnold Mick,

I was at Peoples from 1967 and we used to go to what I believe was an old school in Broad Marsh, 67 - 68 maybe 69.

Later years it was another building in College St, up near the Playhouse.

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The original Peoples College Technical Grammar was on College St.  Hubby went there 58-63. I don't know what the name of the old school in Broadmarsh was called, but I do remember single storey buildings painted white. I took my typing exam in one of them.

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