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My name is Tony Hill – author of If The Kids Are United (‘the working-class Fever Pitch’)

I’m from a Nottinghamshire pit village called Jacksdale, once home to legendary (and infamous during the punk years) music venue The Grey Topper. It’s just been demolished and I’m writing the history of the place.

It seems a bit surreal now that the likes of Bill Haley and the Comets, The Sweet, Jimmy Cliff, Edwin Starr, Ben E King, The Stranglers, The Vibrators, Adam and the Ants, Simple Minds, UK Subs, Toyah, The Ruts (shortly before singer Malcolm Owen died of a drug overdose), The Specials, The Pretenders and Ultravox and many, many more played in a mining village.

Does anyone have any memories of the place?

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mick2me    2,973

I saw Edwin (for the first time) at TGT, Jacksdale. Fantastic night. He stood back to leave the whole audience singing SOS. Been a tremendous fan of the man ever since that night. It would have been around 1970.

Carls Fables AKA Carl and the Eidleburgers (Beer Keller, The Meadows). I saw at the Sherwood Social Club, Mansfield Road, and at a Barbecue Dance at Holme Peirpont, again around 1970.

I remember Carl prancing around on stage, a little like Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull).

Swinging his guitar round, he would bite into a capsule and 'blood' would run from his mouth, down his chin on to his chest. The crowds favorite number to which he would remain silent and again let them get on with singing the chorus, "Hi Ho Silver Lining" Yes The Jeff Beck number... After a great perfomance they would end by blinding the audiance with an onstage explosion. By the time your eyes had recovered from the Thunderflash effect, The stage would be totally empty.

I too would be interested in the history of TGT, and any photographs would be greatly appreciated here as this site was created to document changed and changing Nottingham(shire) and memories of the people of Notts, wherever they are now.

Welcome Tony, to the Nottstalgia madhouse!

We look forward to your input

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rissy    0

Used to go there lots in the 70's. Remember seeing Mudd there, also a group called Light Fantastic and lots more that I can't remember 'cos I was too drunk at the time. Me and my other half used to go across from Brinsley (where we lived at the time) in our little Riley Elf (Aubergine and Winter White, of course). This didn't stop us drinking 'cos the car knew it's way home! (Naughty, naughty!). Mind you by the time we'd danced the night away the booze had left our systems!


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radfordred    2,841

Cheers Blogsy for the book dug it out gave it a second read, well worth it. 



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