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Hi, just started building a family tree of my mums family, and getting quite interested in Nottingham history. 

I was born in Nottingham but ended up in Cornwall for many years due to my dad being in the navy. 

Some of mum's family are from St Ann's, Sneinton and The Meadows but the Bee (grandma's maiden name!) hive as my mum calls it is scattered all over the city 

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Welcome to Nottstalgia, HockeyMum9.


Oddly enough, I was looking into the maiden name of the lady who was the school Secretary at Berridge Road School for many years, including the time I attended there.  I'm researching Berridge staff.


This lady was born with the name BEE and was from St Ann's. Her first name was Jean A born 27 June 1927. She married Eddie Davies, from Mountain Ash in Wales at the age of 18 in June 1946. They had 2 boys, Evan b.1948 and Howard b 1952.


Jean passed on apparently on her birthday in 2006. Her husband may still be alive.  They lived for years in Aspley but after retirement, moved to Mountsorrel in Leicestershire.


I remember Jean very well. She was universally liked and respected at Berridge. I wonder if she is related to your mum's family?

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At the moment I have the bare bones of the tree, my grandma was born Florence Ida Bee in 1921, her mum was born a Keetley, which is also a nightmare name to research! She sadly passed away in 1979

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Welcome Hockymum, you will find theres a lot of info availabe about the areas you mentioned. I too am into family research but every now and again I come across a brick wall so thats the time to have a rest. Ive had come across easy lines and some so difficult  such as when one of a couple dies and the other remarries then he/she dies and in turn remarries and each one produces more children. Complicated? Yes but very interesting. Keep researching and you'll enjoy it. Good luck with your searches.

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