Scala Cinema Ilkeston

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As you probably know, we have a Scala Cinema in down town Ilkeston. It boasts the old style double seats. Some time ago it was rumoured that it was to close and the people of Ilkeston decided to fight for it and it is still open.

How does one go about getting a Lottery grant to restore these things? Is it the Arts Council that is approached? The Scala Ilkeston is probably one of the oldest cinemas in the country and it would be a shame to see it close for the sake of a few injections of cash.

It appears that the balcony is not used anymore for fear of it falling down. I wonder if it is too late to help?

A :Friends:

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lips0 I should imagine it's the arts council Tuts.........While we are in Ilkeston do you or ilko know where one can see this, and don't tell me you don't get out much...... You my have to look up mind?


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I'm Bumping this before it goes the same way as all the rest of my enquiries...I'll be glad when there is an ilkeston only section... :tease:

I'm going now to watch Torchwood on BBC three, they are showing two episodes back to back...I missed it last night due to being out, yet again...

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