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I'm new to this site and hope I'm adding this to the correct place. 


I have been photographing Nottingham for over 40 years and have about 5000 photos on my Flickr site at  The albums on the site are sorted by content - cinemas, pubs, railways, street furniture, police stations, banks etc etc. I also have a website containing Nottingham articles - I hope someone may find the content of both sites interesting. 


Keep safe. 


Graham Woodward

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Hi Graham thanks for posting the link to your photo album , I have only had a quick look at it and found it most interesting.   I have saved the link for when I have more time to look at them. One comment I have to make on the photos on Council Housing is that the drawings and photos have one type missing which is the ones started before WW2 and finished afterwards such as the ones of Bestwood Estate and Highbury Vale . I have tried to post a copy below of one of the blocks of four which where numerous on the estates mentioned , taken off google earth, Hope it shows up I seem to have problems lately on posting them. You must have spent a major part of your life collating all this information ,well done. All I need to do now is to try and find time to look at more of your albums.



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Thanks for the feedback. I did do a drawing of the type you mention but it's not on my Flickr site. I'll post it soon, but it wasn't one of my best efforts!

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If I had a hat, I would raise it to you Graham. Some superb photographs. 

I say again, welcome to Nottstalgia. Cheers, Barrie.

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Not wishing to steal Graham's thread, but one of his views reminds me of a "Where is it" thread that we had a couple of weeks ago. The old picture on the left of Canning Circus, shows a couple of buildings that we were trying to identify. Some said it wasn't top of Derby Road. It was suggested it was in London. But I think they're remarkably like what we were looking at.


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