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Is there any member who has watched the new cricket format T100?

Not convinced that I will watch again, T100 was over hyped, and its rule's well !! even the umpires don't covince me  that they understand them.

If you have watched the new fomat what is your verdict.


I have posted this for the master, he likes our site but he doe's not want to joi wn us. ps only when we have meetups will you see him.

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I enjoy watching cricket but didn’t bother watching the ‘Hundred’ this evening.  I’m not in the slightest bit interested in women playing cricket (nor football for that matter) I’ve also got a thing against female commentating on those two sports.  I guess I’m not a ‘feminist’ then?   When I was a kid there were only boys my age on our estate and I played football and cricket all day, every day in the holidays with the lads and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve spent many many days at Trent Bridge and also had a serious boyfriend who was a County cricketer, but I just can’t watch women playing the game.

Actually, we had tickets for the T20 International at Trent Bridge last Friday but due to the uncertainty of Covid restrictions and possibility of it being rained off we took the option of a refund and have stayed in the Dorset sunshine longer than anticipated.  It’s been well worth it too! 

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I'm with you on this one Lizzie men should play football/cricket/commantate . If women want equality they should be on the same playing field with the men. (just imagen) oohhhh it does not worth thinking about. 

ME!!!! I want a men to bring me flowers, give up his seat for me, and touch the peek of his  cap and say "Good morning"  and most not for-get chocolets.

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Also agree Lizzie..........although i must admit i've been impressed with the skills these ladies have shown at Football and Cricket.........but it just doesn't grab my interest.........mind you the mens games don't nowadays.......









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