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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this plea!

I live in Carlton (Cavendish Road) and I am a teacher in a nearby school (Priory Junior School). I have recently started researching my local area and, as you may expect, with every discovery comes more and more questions - I won’t bore you with them all! I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with the school on the map though. Name, type etc. It looks like it stood on the site of Carlton Square? 

Thanks again!


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Welcome Brendon ,

My mum lived on Park Rd , just to the east of that school .

I have her report card for 1926 (when she would have been 13) and it gives the name of her school as 



I assume it was that school .


According to someone on the Gedling Local History Facebook page it later became 

"Carlton Central County Primary School" .


Later that was demolished and turned into Carlton Precinct.

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Just found this from The Mansfield Reporter August 1st 1913 and again assume it refers to this school :


"Carlton, site for a permanent upper
standard school............
The Committee had had sketch plans prepared of a school at Carlton for 400 upper
standard scholars, with rooms for domestic subjects for girls, and manual training for
boys, to be erected on the site recently purchased. The estimated cost was £7,600".

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Thanks for the information guys. I’m particularly interested in local schools and education through the 1900’s in Nottingham(shire) and in particular Gedling Borough. Any sources of information would be much appreciated. Maps provide a source of intrigue as they show where schools were located, but provide little else! 

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