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I have often wondered about school register's and work ledger's.

Haven't been on 'find my Past' for a few year's but

read in a mag, school registers are now covered, 1870..onward..

probably fee-paying. that I suspect would already well documented...


Other ranks please..?

Does anybody know if Nottingham is included?


Looking forward to the 2021 census, personally ithink I have it sussed,

But I'm sure the 'laughing' deceased up there will have at least one surprise!



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Meant 1921..

Had the blank form since 2014, 

1911 was informative, 1921 also requests more detail,

Including employer.


Mr Cameron, I Don't watch Heir Hunter's.. 

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Some school registers are held by Nottinghamshire Archives, along with admission logs, staff registers and minute books. You can establish online whether they hold what you're looking for but you can't view it that way.


When I went to the Berridge centenary in 1984, there was a display of old classroom registers set out for people to look at. My name was in a couple of them.  When I visited in 2019, I asked the assistant head whether the school still held the registers. He said not but couldn't tell me where they were. He did show me the current admission register which goes back to the 1980s, something he probably shouldn't have done so as it contravenes GDPR, containing names, addresses and parental details. Even so, we all leafed through it at our leisure.


Ironically, where Nottinghamshire Archives does hold school registers, they are closed to public view whilst there is a possibility that those named in them are still living!  :blink:


Bring back the 1980s before all this lunacy started!

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