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There is an old lodge house on The Wells Road, which I presume was originally connected with Mapperley Hospital (former lunatic asylum) as it would have been 'in the grounds'.  It looks like it would have had charm in its day but has been derelict for many years and suffered from vandalism (smashed windows, roof slates missing, etc.)

I thought it would end up being demolished but it is now being refurbished and there is a planning application for change of use to become a day centre for dogs.

Planning application 21/00685/PFUL3

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It's the one that Stu references.


As an off-topic aside, the old station master's house (459 The Wells Road) is architecturally similar to the one at the bottom of Porchester Road (also on the Nottingham Suburban Railway line).  Quite unusual brickwork on the chimney stacks.

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Where the Wells Road started from St Ann's Well rd there was X roads and one of the roads was named Coppice Road fomaly Ransom Rd.  Half way up Coppice rd,  was also a hospital for mental problems. There was a lodge house at the begining of the drive.  Do not think that it was any thing to do with train stations.


(just a usless bit of information)

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The old station masters house belongs to the council... Mate of mine used live there with his 8 kids.... Its quite big inside(it would have be with 8 kids) built properly and will be still standing when these modern houses are all crumbling away

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