Murder on Moore Road, Mapperley?

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Death of an Ann Sheldon was registered September 1969, Nottingham, and shows DOB as 01 May 1941, making her 27 at time of death (if she died April 1969).

Records show birth of an Ann Curd registered in Derby Apr-Jun 1941 and a marriage of Ann Curd to Dennis A Sheldon Apr-Jun 1962 in Derby.  They had a daughter Alison K Sheldon whose birth was registered Jan-Mar 1963 in Derby, making her six at the time of her mother's demise.

There is a Dennis A Sheldon whose birth was registered Jul-Sep 1930, Liverpool (the Liverpool Echo carried the murder article).

All a bit speculative but names/dates fit.


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Assuming neighbour Violet Hoare was still at number 8 in 1969 and then looking on streetview , you could deduce the bungalow would be number 6 .

None of the neighbouring houses are bungalows though there appear to be changes with some new builds.

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From a thread in 2010 about the Pigalle Club on this very forum...


Posts by OLDACE:

"At the table were the two Londoners, Jack Packham (fruit machines), Tony Woods (then chairman of Forest and owner of Jersey Kapwood) Dennis? Sheldon (car dealer and murderer to be)."


"Sheldon was a gambler,when he got into money trouble, he would go to casinos, see who was there and then go and burgle their houses. He was caught and got 5 years IIRC. While in prison his wife saw another man.

On release he went home and strangled his wife. He left the body on the living room carpet next to an electric fire which he left switched on. He left the house, in the morning his daughter, I cannot remember her age, probably 6 or 7 found her dead mother. her face was badly burned.Sheldon got life."


"Sheldon might originally have been from Derby way. When I read about the crime in the Evening Post I had quit the Casino scene. Sorry I can't give you any more details. Regret to say I always got on well with him. Didn't know what he was up to. Murder may have happened in Nottm not Derby."




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I see mention of Jack Packham in the above post. There was a Jack Packham who was manager/licencee of the Piccadilly Club in Bulwell in the late 1970’s. Don’t know if it’s the same man but the club had a ‘iffy’ reputation.

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