Runner Beans - Freezing

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I used to blanch mine, but I don't bother any more. I find that blanching affects the texture too much. Just the freezing affects the texture of the beans a bit, so I have found that just washing and drying then prepping carefully is all that's needed. 

I either just shake them dry or use a teatowel.  Any kind of fabric with a pile on it will stick to your beans and make them fluffy!


Then straight into a freezer bag, squeeze as much air out as poss.. then straight into the freezer.  They last well into the following spring or longer. and will keep more of their original texture and flavour.


Another point is that if you blanch them, they will all stick together in the freezer, so you basically have to make sure to freeze exactly what you want per meal.


On the other hand.. my brother, who is a fussy eater, doesn't much like frozen beans however they are done.. but that's just him.  You could try blanching some and doing others unblanched.  Make sure you label correctly and see what you think of the result with your Christmas dinner or whenever.


Good luck!

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I wash & chop my beans, then blanch them for 3 or 4 minutes, dry on a clean (non fluffy!) tea towel and spread them separately on a metal tray which I put in the freezer.  After a couple of hours they can be prised off with a fish slice and put into bags or small containers.

I always try and pick my beans before they get too long and full of beans!!!  (Except for half a dozen which I leave on the plant until the pods are brown - I use the beans inside for next year.)

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Trouble is we only have a standard upright fridge freezer..which rarely has much space in it. So I just bag them up and stuff them anywhere I can.

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Yes its always a problem just when you need the space. We gave our upright to my son and bought a 1.50 x 60 chest freezer. 

We bulk buy a lot of fresh meat from wholesalers and as we are in the country its not always convenient to nip down to the shops.  So really its been a godsend for us and if my son or daughter need space the lid is always open for them or should I say for their excess food. 

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