Nott's And Derby's...

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I can't find anything about this regiment..


Other than Musket training was undertaken in Newark relating to 4th reserve..


Looking at family military records they could have been called into active service in 1899..




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Notts and Derbys became the Sherwood Foresters, but it looks like a complex early name history so records may be confusing,.


Nottingham and Derby Regiments

Nottingham and Derby Regiments

Reference:Subsubseries within WO 76

Title:Nottingham and Derby Regiments


Records for 95th or Derbyshire Regiment of Foot and the 45th (Nottinghamshire Regiment) Sherwood Foresters, and later, after 1881, when linked and known briefly (May to June) as the Derbyshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters) then (from July 1881) as the Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regiment).

Date:1825 - 1912

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Thought the same Ben, but where's the facts?


Stuart, thanks for link, I have downloaded a few war diaries over the years.


Excellent emotive reads.. but WW1 only.


I've never been able to put a name to the 'author's,'


The 'best' my opinion, written by junior staff Officer's...


Cross reference with the division can also

also provide a rewarding insight. 


Back to pre 1910..

i have Nothing!


Musket training in Newark? 1880's, anybody suggest a potential venue?



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If you want pre-1910, there is a history of the Sherwood Foresters written by Colonel H Dalbiac in 1902 which covers much of the history from when it was the 45th Regiment of Foot through to the Crimean war.


I found it quite useful when researching what the 45th were doing before and during the Peninsular War, when one of my ancestors was serving with them.

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Thanks Rob, I'll get that book, I think a little early for major clues, but has potential one liner's. No Nott's connection until late 1879 ag but an interesting read.


Other side of the family, 1907, signed up for seven years attestation, still called Nott's & Derbys..


Think Stuart's right, it"s complex!


No military connection Nott's wise before 1889. 


Rob, I see you trawl online newspapers, I found out lot's 1820's 1840's, only single sentence, called troop movements, can't recall the paper, might have been the London Gazette. It was very Greenwich and Ireland focused I thought, but priceless.. 









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