Sir Clive Sinclair

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I remember buying one of his matchbox-sized AM radio kits (Micromatic?) from a shop on Arkwright Street.  Couldn't get it working so I wrote to him.  Reply said that I had probably crossed over two wires from the aerial rod (still no joy, think I gave up).  Still have a Sinclair Scientific calculator somewhere.  Reverse Polish logic IIRC (you had to enter operator after the number, e.g. 15 x 13 would be 15 + 13 x =).  LED display so the battery didn't last too long.  Must have been during my school days as it took over from my slide rule and there was all the debate about whether calculators would be allowed in exams.

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I remember someone at work in the 1980's convincing our Engineering Manager that as at the time we were working on newly installed computer controlled equipment buying us a Sinclair ZX81 computer would enhance our knowledge.


I'm not certain it did for all, that but what it did do was pass some of the time on the nightshift.

Thankyou Clive for producing the ZX81 (and all the other products he developed) and also the person who did the convincing.

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