Sunday dinner

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4 hours ago, radfordred said:

Two Vegan, one vegetarian and two omnivores

They came to their senses during lockdown! now it's one vegetarian and the rest omnivores.

Getting over a stinking cold at the moment. Flu jab on the 30th October this year - earliest they could do it.

Keeping away from the world for now.

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We are not vegan or vegetarian but the more meat or chicken is mentioned we both say noooo.  We are now finding meals without meat is tastier more fulfilling than meat and two veg. My husband has decided that he wants to lose his belly and lower considerably his glucemic level. He is slowly succeeding and of course weight goes down. He never liked integral products but not he looks for them.

Bramley apples, we cant get them here either but years ago in Nottingham I asked about one that would support the

temperatures here. I was told that it wouldnt survive. We do have a very good cooking apple but whilst Bramleys keep their shape once cooked these dont and go mushy which is fine if you want them like that. We do have another too but its very bitter and is usually preserved with other things, but can't  think of the name of it. Bet when ive posted I'll  remember it. 

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I seldom eat meat because I do not like it particularly (a bacon sarnie is tempting)

More importantly the survival of the world and all its wonders needs us to move towards a plant based diet.

I try to make my very small contribution to that movement.

It has to happen!


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I'm not against going to 100% vegetable food if that's what it has to be, but in all the shouting about it people are doing I've not seen any proposals, let alone realistic proposals as to where all these millions of tons of vegetables are going to be grown or however much it needs to be to feed 100% of the population.


A good proportion of farmland is too hilly to use or too wet or too dry or at risk of flooding.

What happens when we get hot summers or cold winters or wet either, as apparently that's what's coming.


Is the plan to concrete over existing level farmland and build massive sheds to grow it in?

I can see that annoying a few groups of people.

Where's all the energy coming from to heat and light them, we won't have any spare when all the cars, lorries trains, HGV's etc are electric.


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