Earthquake in Mansfield

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About half an hour ago an earthquake of magnitude 6, 10 kilometres deep happened in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia.  No injuries or major damage has been reported. Walls have collapsed in Melbourne around 200 kilometers away.

Back in 1991 a similar earthquake happened in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. It caused 2 million pounds worth of improvements.

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Visited my friend in Nott's about 2002, recall a double tremor, it was a Sunday about 3.30 pm. 

First one woke me up, second i was coherent, that pre-rumbling sound is very strange. Think this rated high on the scale for the UK.

I could be wrong, but it's epicentre may have been offshore.


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Probably this one in 2001 HSR, epicentre Melton Mowbray but felt across the Midlands.


DATE 28/10/2001
ORIGIN TIME 16:25:24.9 UTC
LOCATION 52.8347 -0.8493
DEPTH 14.4 km





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I’m 2000 we had just come back to live in Italy We had renovated this old farmhouse and after a few months we sat with some friends having a cuppa, the cat we had was always around our ankles or under the furniture.  there was a slight shaking and rumbling then the chair I was on suddenly started to lift up. My first thought was “what the devils the cat doing” stupid I know but in that split second I didn’t realize. My husband shouted out”all get under the doorway beam” It only lasted a few minutes but we expected the worst. We did have some damage though not serious. It cracked the ceiling in the hallway and it went right through the centre of the house and on the newly laid path at the front .

We had a few (tremors) when we lived in Nottm and my husband was always aware first when they came, as, when he was a child in Sicily they were quite frequent and they all had to find shelter quickly and under the door frame was always the quickest. We aren’t in a quake area but occasionally we feel a tremor.

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