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For my birthday one summer in the late 1950s my mum and dad bought me a shiny white Frido football. Frido balls were very popular back then and were also available in red. IIRC they cost about five bob and came with a brass valve and adapter to inflate them.
The kids these day call them floaters because they were made of vinyl and quite light. On a windy day they would get blown all over the park. Anyway, these footballs were great for youngsters because you could head them without knocking yourself senseless lol. I was delighted with my white one and ran into the garden to have a kick around. My first kick sent it into a rose bush and punctured it. I was completely gutted. I later learned there was a tool available that you could heat up on the gas ring which would melt the vinyl and seal the puncture. Sadly by the time I discovered this the ball had gone in the bin. Much later I saw a lad use a heated up knife to achieve the same effect.

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An advert from The Daily Mirror May 1961 ---I bet Stanley Matthew's was kept busy posting out autographed photographs !


Everyone has fun with
a Frido ball.

Yes, Fridos the ball for the
whole family whatever
the age, whatever the sport.

They'll have fun with a Frido !

They're repairable,
re-inflatable. See them
at your local toy and
or Sports shop.


League Champions and
HOTSPUR and many other
first class clubs train
Soccer Ball




Special free offer from
Stanley Matthews.:

Post the yellow sticker from over the valve of your Frido football
to- Mr. Stanley Matthews
at this address and he will
send you his autographed

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Thanks for that DavidW. I'd forgotten about the yellow sticker over the valve. I always thought it was there to keep dust and mud out.

IIRC the Fridomaster was a much heavier ball hence there use by professional players in training.

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8 hours ago, DAVIDW said:

An advert from The Daily Mirror May 1961 --


They're repairable,

That seems to bring back a distant memory of trying to repair a Frido ball by heating up a screwdriver and melting the plastic to try and cover the inevitable puncture.


Never worked ! 

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