Surgical Hosiery Co , Russell Street

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Need a new jock strap ? 


This advert from 1933 shows the extensive factory of the Surgical Hosiery Co on Russell Street . Looking on streetview much of this building seems to still exist .

Brand name appears to have been "Surco"


Growing up , we never knew it but my great-uncle George Hart was a director of this company . Mind you he died in 1937 but surprised he was never mentioned in the family.


The Harts were generally poor Colwick railway people so I guess this George mixed in different circles to them.


George married Emma Hutchinson in Sneinton (late 1800s) ,  whose brother was Ernest Frederick Hutchinson another owner/director of the company.


Both he and George were also directors of Campion Cycle Co. It's in another thread on here about Campions .

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Yes they missed a trick with Liberty Bodices !

Strangely no one seemed to have advertised "Surco" brand for sale in Notts . 


There are ads in other parts of the country for the products , such as this one from Preston 


"The Outstanding Features of
"Surco" Seamless Elastic Hosiery



3/. Each, 5/9 Pair


3/6 Each 6/9 Pair


2/4 Each ,4/6 Pair


2/6 each 4/9 Pair


Every Article Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction"


PRESTON DRUG CO., 93 Fishergate,

Private Fitting Room
Lady Attendant.

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Yes Jill.........must check the Charity shops in Bulwell,,,,,,max price 12/6 though.......bit short of readies now...bleddy 'Heels' fell of me 'Dancing shoes''.........cost me a 'Tenner''     lol..........

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What on earth have you been doing to them, Ben? The soft shoe shuffle? 


I think the liberty bodice could make a come back in cold weather. Ladies' thermal vests aren't up to much but the good old liberty bodice really kept you warm. Must be a manufacturing opportunity out there for some enterprising soul.  The ones I had as a child were made by Brettles, I think. They also made pink regulation ballet socks for the very first examinations, after which it was pink tights. No Lycra in those days!


My mum also wore a liberty bodice as a child, the difference being that in those days they were stuffed with something like cotton wadding as an extra insulator. As winter passed and the spring weather grew warmer, the wadding was gradually removed until just the liberty bodice remained.  No central heating in those days!

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But what about big bosomed women?  Liberty bodices wouldn’t be very comfortable for them!

That’s just reminded me of something my mum used to say.,.

If certain clothes were too tight she used to say she felt ‘all thrustened up’ No idea if that’s the right spelling as I’ve never written it down before!

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In the  Sneinton version the bag contained something a little different  :rolleyes:

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I worked briefly in a factory in Fletcher Gate Nottm.  If I recall correctly, it was called the United Rubber Company.  They made surgical stockings with a rubber thread knitted in to give support.  I was expected to know how to use the hand operated industrial knitting machines.  I mean.. I don't think I'm stupid.. but with no training, I had no chance. I'm not sure who gave up first.... me, or the rather objectionable little man who ran the place.  They also had the most Godawful coffee machine in history.

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