Christmas Tree in the Old Market Square

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I know someone has asked this before but I couldn't find an definite answer. Was the tree in the Square back in the 60's and 70's donated by someone or a town for some reason. As a kid I was always told it was (like the Trafalgar Square one was) donated by some Scandinavian town.


I am researching this for a charity project and would love to know if anyone can either confirm or categorically deny this.


Thanks in anticipation

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It is, like the one in Trafalgar Square, a Norway spruce which may have had led to some confusion and the urban legend of origin.  It was probably home grown, why not ring the parks dept and ask?

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That may be where the origin comes from, good point. I will try the parks department but I am specifically talking about a long time ago and not what happens now, hope they keep records :-)


I do know the one in Newcastle was donated by Bergen each year as they are twinned, and I'm fairly sure the Trafalgar Square one was donated by one of the Scandinavian countries after the way as a way of thank you for service.


Thank you for taking the time to answer

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