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9 hours ago, DaveD said:

Hello Cliff Ton that's wonderful thanks so much. I can name quite a few of the pupils here, (correction) I'm the 3rd boy from the left back row. From that class year all the boys went to Fairham whilst some girls went to either Clifton Hall grammar or Farnborugh . Yes that person was J S she had a successful accountancy firm.

BTW I joined  Facebook yesterday but unsure how you reached Greencroft site.

Thanks again

Correction: changed the position ,counted the teacher ! he's an old boy.

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On 11/16/2021 at 12:16 PM, Cliff Ton said:

Everyone there is a few years older than me !


But in that photo there are two pupils (one boy and one girl) who lived very near us on the same road. I knew them but didn't mix with them because of the age difference.

I can see 3 pupils on photo who lived on Woodbridge Avenue,  3rd row up standing 5th from left Dorathy Parsons, then David Humphreys and back row 2nd from right Rosemary?.

Front row boys (kneeling) Terry Tansley, John Taylor, Clifford Smith, Douglas Church and Ronald Lowe.

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There's an even bigger set of old Clifton photos here - ....


and one of the photos is from the late 1950s and shows a collection of pushchairs outside a row of shops. Pity it's not closer because I could be in one of those pushchairs.



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Picture number 34, on the left is Holbrook court and opposite across Farnborough road is Highbank juniors Chedder road annexe



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