bbc Radio Sports report 50s / 60s

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'As a  teenager after playing football at Clifton on a Saturday afternoon. I rushed home for 5 o'clock to listen to the football results after a match at Farnborough Road playing fields. Soaking in a hot bath after my strenuous!!!  efforts on the pitch with the trannie radio tuned in to the BBC Light programme

'It's Five o' clock, time for Sports Report'  announced the Radio presenter Eamonn Andrews, followed by the legendary theme tune 'Out of the Blue'


At that time all games kicked off at 3 o' clock. This was the quickest way to obtain that days scores, alternatively the Football Post would have the match results with a column on the back page listing 'late results' 


In those days the English League consisted of First Division, Second Division and Third Division North And South. After the 1957/58 season the North And South Divisions were merged to form Third and Fourth Divisions.

There were no penalty shoot outs in the FA Cup matches. After any replay, if games still undecided, neutral grounds were used for second replays and even third replays.


I was fascinated by some of the Scottish League Team names...   Stenhousemuir --- Airdrieonians ---  Heart of Midlothian.   I waited for the score of

East Fife Four,   Forfar Five, to be read out but I never heard it. However, It did finally happen in a 2018 Cup game after a penalty shoot out.


Listening to many football commentaries over the years the term 'educated left foot' was frequently used... Never heard the term 'educated right foot' though.

..... Just wondered.

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I definitely remember listening to those results back then.


I also remember having League Tables which came free with some comics. Each league (first, second, etc) was a column on a sheet of card with slots to insert the team names, depending on their position in the league.

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Absolute silence in our house when the results were being read out. Occasionally I was made to stick a pin (literally) in the coupon eight times in the hope we could join Viv Nicholson and spend. spend, spend... never did though...

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I remember my mum and I getting the giggles when dad had to tell us to be quiet several times and the more he said it, the worse the giggling got.

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