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I wonder what supporters old and new think of what is going on at Notts today, I am getting down at this, I have supported them for years and also a season ticket holder , supporters truse,lifeline etc.

The players dont seem to be bothered now a days I went to Rushden and quite honest it was the worst display I have seen since watching Notts and that is saying something, now 5 matches lost in a row, hope we can beat Mansfield.

I know money is waht they wont , Oh for a rich Russian interested or anyone else for that matter,

Still life goes on there is always beer and curries . imsorry

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Sometimes you people astonish me, the other day Beefsteak took the trouble to point out that one of our local heroes, Jack Wheeler had died. What was the response, apart from Beefsteak and myself, nothing.

Whether you are a Forest, Mansfield, Derby or bloody Mapperley Plains Sunday League Crap FC supporter, I thought that the passing of a really true great in the world of football deserved a better epitaph than being ignored on this forum.

Ok you are not all footie fans, but the man should be remembered with dignity, I don't live in the city of delights anymore but I would have thought that his passing was headline news in the Evening Post, perhaps not, Prince Privelages Paki comment is more newsworthy I presume.

Sod all that, hopefully Beefsteak will home in on to this and I have found the programme refered to in a previous thread. Happy memories matey.

The cover


The team sheet:-


The league standings etc at the time.


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Well he was a backroom boy so maybe that had something to do with it? have fond memories of him from when my son was injured and took to match in a wheelchair, pre all seating days he asked what problem was and got him through to sit on running track, As regards that comment maybe we british should object to being called "Brits" abroad? and I don't know what residents of Turkey feel re being called Turks? A recemt repeat of a Pink Panther film still contained Peter Sellers calling Bert Kwouk "my little yellow friend" though!

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As regards the comment , as I have said elsewhere (Without wanting to be accused of being a racist again!!!..... You can call a British person a Brit an Australian an Aussie a Turkish person a Turk and an American a yank , all are just coruptions of where they come , but call a Pakistani a Paki and then sit back and await the S41t to hit the fan!!!

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Please Firbeck don’t take it on oneself to be astonished with us locals, I never am.

Personally I have never heard of him and until your little rank would never had heard of him.

We personally can’t be blamed for what makes the head lines in the Nottingham evening rag nor would I take that responsibility on to influence them in any way, that I would leave to Robert he’s the one with the golden felt nibbled parker pen.

“City of delights? please tell me where they are.....

I personally don’t and never have ever supported a football team nor can I see myself in the future supporting one no matter how crap Panthers get.

Personally I think you ought to turn your frustrations to something constructive rather than having a go at the establishment at every opportunity that way your brain won’t go into overdrive every time you read or hear something that doesn’t quite sit well with you.

The alternative being you will become a grumpy old git like not to much dis-similar to another member of this site.

Or you could take the path of enlightenment that I have chose, which is…pill popping and beer swilling.

Bip…..a friend….

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You raise an interesting point Ashley.

While sabotaging my own thread, I note that the gentleman refered to in the princely insult is an officer in the British Army.

If you were an experienced NCO under RPG and mortar fire by the Taleban in the Helmand Province, would you respect, trust and follow the orders of such an officer, I doubt it, I'd always be suspicious and probably be prepared to 'accidentally' shoot him myself rather than be put into what could be construed as a difficult situation where religious loyalties are challenged. Rightly or wrongly, after our constant brainwashing by the media, Queen and Country means nothing anymore to certain members of society, so why are these people being put into situations where they have the power of life and death over our army collegues, whether you agree with our foreign policy or not.

I doubt whether they are in control, the powers that be can't be so stupid as to put such people in command in a battle situation, h'mmmmm, I wonder, which raises the question, why is so much money being spent on training these people in the first place, a PC exercise no doubt, it's situations like this that show how divisive our country is, thats the way it is, having that smug, lying Etonian twat Cameron try to say otherwise for political gain just shows you what a difficult situation our society is in.

I hate these times, they are full of turmoil, suspicion, selfishness, political lies and a lack of loyalty and self belief, lets bring back those doyens of British Society, the Meccano Magazine and the Eagle comic, that will make everything right again, though I expect that they would have to be translated into Arabic to make them PC, I doubt whether Dan Dare would approve of that.

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Thats the problem with society isn't it, with respect to yourself, you are suggesting that the answer to everything is to crawl off into a corner and pop pills and shove a few beers down your neck and leave it at that and pretend that the world is a happy place.

I agree, football isn't everyones cup of tea, but I recall a few months ago, an old local boxer died and received more accolades than this, which astonishes me.

Good for Beefsteak for bringing it to my attention, we have an uneasy relationship sometimes but I respect many of the postings on matters that he brings to our attention, and he does have a lot of other interests in life and things to say about them other than hunting dodgy women in local bars. Theres nothing wrong with that, I've done it myself, but we are all entitled to our own opinions on a variety of things.

If you want me to shut my gob and stop being critical, then I could remind you of your negative comments with regards to Beefsteaks plans for his aviation trip, if you ain't interested, which you clearly aren't, then leave him to it, I presume that as a long standing member it's all good fun between old pals, and thats the problem with this forum sometimes, newbies have a hard time of it, apart from the wonderful Fynger, he really has the right attitude, I wish we could all be like him and be as one with the universe.

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football isn't everyones cup of tea

I dont drink tea either .

( did i send payment for your last statement ? i only said " say Fyngers O.K. ) ( sheesh you kinda couldnt stop yerself eh........Thanks ....when me head goes down ill get into my kitchen and make a coffee )

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Dear old Rachid was from Algeria, in north Africa (IE no where near the middle east !!)

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Just spoke to Rachid and he said to tell you to , and I quote :-

الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية

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Sorry I've been off line nearly all day, BT went and wrecked the telephone connections in the street while installing a new line.

Nice one.

Didn't Rachid play for Algeria in the World Cup one year.

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yes, he suffered an injury which forced his retirement, think the only NCFC player to feature in a world cup? he made me laugh saying he wasn't as good a player as his team mates but fact he played for an english club impressed their powers that be, not even sure he spoke the language,? (born in London)

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Don't like to speak ill of the heros of the past , but he became a total 4r53 hole , a drunk /lush whatever you want to call it. He married my mates sister (Remember Murdoch off of the CB Mick??) and I was told he used to knock her about a bit, still lives in Burton Joyce.

Don Masson played for Scotland

Martin O'Neill played for Northern Ireland in Spain 82

They are just off the top of my head

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Anybody off to see Notts play Derby tonight, if I was living up there I'd definately go, I bet there's a good crowd. I was interested to see the possible new signing Matt Ritchie, 19 years old and on the books of a Premier League club, thats the sort of players they should be looking for, not old gits, I bet that a couple of weeks ago he wouldn't have even heard of the team, but there you go, get a contraversial, big name 'Football Coach' involved and I reckon players will be falling over themselves to sign up, why not.

Middlesborough must have kicked themselves for allowing Don Masson to go to Notts on a free transfer 40 odd years ago, shows you how crap their managerial staff must have been at the time, there must be similar teams about these days, I'm sure Sven will take advantage of this.

I say Sven, I wonder how long Ian MacParland will keep his job, poor bloke must be looking over his shoulder.

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