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I well remember the death of leon leuty as my mum who worked at the old General came home and told us. Notts went out and got Pete Russell from Wolves as a replacement and I saw his first game.

Yes it was after the Sewell and Leity episodes that the club began it's decline.

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Salford City v Notts in the FA cup 1st round tonight on BBC2 kick off 7:55......squeaky bum time, banana skin etc, etc.....C'mon you pies! Oh, and good luck to Forest against the Rams....let's make it a Nottingham double!!

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It was a mystery why Gascoigne was still on the pitch to score his goal after he elbowed Paul Harding in the face leaving him with a black eye!

I remember saying exactly the same thing when he smashed Garry Parker and Gary Charles in 1991. All the press were interested in was Gascoines injury and him having to be carried off on a stretcher and will Lazio sign him. The fact that he almost finished the careers of the two young Gary's was hardly mentioned. Never mind the stretcher he would have been carried off in a coffin if it were left to me. What an animal! I have no liking for the guy at all, I think he's an idiot.

For this quote alone he should never have played again!!

He [Gary Charles] was one of their playmakers and what you try to do is injure his legs. If you're going to challenge him, make sure he can't kick a ball as well as he can if you hurt his feet or legs. But I nearly took his windpipe out! It was a terrible tackle I suppose.

Presumably that's an under statement?

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I agree, BeestonMick. There's a few in the Premiership today who read the Gascoigne tackling manual. Fellaini (Man U), Costa (Chelsea) and Charlie Adam (Stoke) come to mind.

Good luck to Forest and County tonight. Forest aren't playing their best football at the moment so I hope they raise their game against the Rams. It's a pity that they're both on the TV at the same time.

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Highlight of my football days is every time im reminded theres a local derby, with Forest v Derby,played for City boys v Derby boys at the Baseball ground in 58/59,in front of 3,000 screaming Derby schoolkids,............thought i was going to be a footballer,...but did'nt make it,...but will always remember my brief moments.....

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  • Cliff Ton changed the title to Notts County

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