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The Pictures and Memories of Nottingham was paused by admin in September. It doesn't say why. The offshoot Pictures and Memories of Basford hasn't had any activity either in several months. A mystery


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Apologies Stuart, i have had a dislike of Facebook since it's beginning, won't elaborate, I'll just say I still have my milk delivered and it comes in a glass bottle!

Like to think somebody could help me out,

Anybody remember the shop that had the piano in it, my have been an art gallery, looked very posh to me, just down from richer sounds, opposite side about mid eighties.


When I was very young I recall an odd shop,

Got of the bus Queen St and started the walk to Goose Fair with Grandparents, think it was on the opposite corner a pub, which name escapes me,

Had womens frilly knickers in the window, shoplight's on full ..put respectfully they had bits 'missing'.

Recall all the adults sniggering walking by,

I was really young, about 6 & confused, It's strange what you remember!


Got was the Golden Fleece but could have the wrong corner.

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Hello i am a newbie too, and slowly getting to know my way around this wonderful site.

I was born in Marple street , carrington i think , near cramner street ?

My other three siblings were born in army barracks as my dear old Dad a Devonshire regiment corporal,  but when he came out of the army we settled in nottingham , my dads mum lived on Linton rise, or cardale road Sneinton ?

My mums mum lived in Marple street hence my birth , we had a  spell living in denewood crescent bilborough , then st anns well area Leicester street , rushworth avenue , they were my best childhood memories went to schools Elliott durham, morley juniors and  secondary , st augustines catholic school ,final place i was at was grindon crescent in bulwell hall,  and attended alderman.w.derbyshire school from 1970- 74.

Left school and worked in many horseracing stables melton mowbray , asforby leicester, andover hants , wantage in oxfordshire , empshott hampshire, 

Retired from the N.H.S in 2019 and emigrated to the Philippines as my wife is a filipina, but my heart will always be in nottingham. 

If anyone knows any of these places or topics , i would love to chat to you !

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My husband lived in Asfordby for a while around nineteen sixty one or two.  His dad was the Methodist minister there

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Funny story margie, i went for an interview for a job at a racing stables there , and i was abit early so i killed my time admire some cows over the gate of this field , then down the road came a land rover and a rude man said that there cows in the fields private property , i said i am on a public pavement , get out you land rover i will bust your nose , he stormed off, so i meandered down to the stable block knocked on the door , and who should open the door but the rude man, he said You !! I said you !!

I still got the job anyway !

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My husband said he remembered a place outside the village nearer to Melton Mowbray that kept horses but he said he thought they were  army horses .  This would be before your time there of course :) 

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Yes Margie it was the year  the seatbelt law came out , because we were stopped on our first morning to the racing stables , the driver couldnt find his drivers licence so questioned us more .

I explained we work for mr Brookshaw at asforby , he got on his radio and stood in front of the car , with the windows down i clearly heard the constable mispronounce brookshaw , he said brookbond , so i roared with laughter and made monkey signs touching my arm pits , he red faced shouted at me , you think its funny lad ?

As i tried to explain teabags typhoo and monkeys to him , i just said right off you go , but i will be in this layby tonight and if i see you , you're nicked !!!

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On 1/23/2022 at 1:21 AM, Stuart1964 said:

Hi - Im already a member of a facebook old Nottingham group and saw this site so thought I would join.

Here is a brief bio

Born 1964 worksop notts - lived Newark until 1967. Moved overseas with parents until 1972.

1972 lived near Bosworth School in the Meadows for a year then moved away from the area.

Moved to Ilkeston in 1974-78 then Brinsley until 1979.

Moved to Melton until 1981 then moved to Silverdale in 1982.

Lived in Nottingham until 1989 then Derby until 1997.

Lived in Beeston 97-2001 then W Bridgford until 2010 then moved away from the area.

Im currently living in Stoke On Trent. My father and sister have lived in Nottingham continually since 1982 to date.

Im probably mainly interested in 70s and 80s Nottingham. I had 2 different retail shops on Mansfield Rd in the late 80s early 90s and I also studied at Trent Poly in the 80s and Nottingham Uni in the late 90s.

Well that's about it - look forward to contributing on here. I have a fairly sharp memory so hope to be useful too.

Hi stuart , worked in a racehorse stable in Carburton for a spell , do you know that place ?

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Also worked for a racehorse trainer Jimmy harris in Eastwell hall just outside melton mowbray .

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