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The Pictures and Memories of Nottingham was paused by admin in September. It doesn't say why. The offshoot Pictures and Memories of Basford hasn't had any activity either in several months. A mystery


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Apologies Stuart, i have had a dislike of Facebook since it's beginning, won't elaborate, I'll just say I still have my milk delivered and it comes in a glass bottle!

Like to think somebody could help me out,

Anybody remember the shop that had the piano in it, my have been an art gallery, looked very posh to me, just down from richer sounds, opposite side about mid eighties.


When I was very young I recall an odd shop,

Got of the bus Queen St and started the walk to Goose Fair with Grandparents, think it was on the opposite corner a pub, which name escapes me,

Had womens frilly knickers in the window, shoplight's on full ..put respectfully they had bits 'missing'.

Recall all the adults sniggering walking by,

I was really young, about 6 & confused, It's strange what you remember!


Got was the Golden Fleece but could have the wrong corner.

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