Our teacher's 'willy'

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One of our teachers at school owned a "Tawse". A three tongue lash designed for chastising pupils. He named it 'Willy' and would jokingly say "Any more trouble from you lot and I'll get my willy out to you! This always had the effect of creating mirth and thus stopping any affray or other negative issue. He wouldn't dare to say that today - he get snowflaked out of the profession!




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Instant referral to the Local Authority Designated Officer, followed by suspension pending investigation.


Schools weren't the only place where a tawse was used for punishment. I've met many people whose parents had one...and used it!

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There was one hanging up 'at the ready' in most classrooms at Berridge senior boys in my day.

I was on the receiving end a few times. - usually for not paying attention. Poor eyesight and being a bit deaf was no excuse in those days :(

Mr Roblin - the feared one, removed the two outer tongues and the middle tongue sometimes cut the boys hand. Such cruelty :angry:

I don't mind naming him - a hundred boys of my generation will attest to this - and he retired when I was there. There was a big cheer when he left - he probably felt popular but in fact we were cheering because we had got shot of him. 

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