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I remember him when he were a little lad. Mind you, I weren't much older.

If you do decide to talk to the Waitrose lettuces, don't forget to pick up your free coffee. :cheers:

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… and then people wonder why there are so many floods.  There’s too much concrete/paving etc and not enough plants and trees to suck up the excess water.  I know that’s far from the complete answer bu

I have fond memories of privet.   All the houses on Clifton (as a council housing estate) were originally built with privet as a default feature around the gardens, and I was literally surro

I have just looked at the gardening forum for the first time and it looks as though no one has posted on it for the last 4 months. There’s still lots we can do in the winter. I work closely with the

Phil you don’t need help, you’re already getting that from talking to your toms.

I put 22 in my greenhouse and 12 melon plants (Helen’s Melons) Need to put French green beans and sweetcorn in this week at the allotment,  they’re so ready. Think we’ll be ok for really cold nights now although I normally transplant when it’s  more than 10 deg overnight and it’s not quite! I managed to fall over backwards there on Saturday. Didn’t do me a lot of good but surprisingly no serious injuries. 

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1 hour ago, philmayfield said:

He’ll always be Prince Charles to me. He looked so silly wearing a crown.

I cannot get used to this King Charles business. Every time I hear it, I have a mental image of Charles I. Can't get used to all the other changes in titles, either.  When I was a child, we had savings stamps, purchased from school once a week. Charles was on some of them and Anne on another. They were only children then, as was I. It's making me feel old.

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