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  • Cliff Ton changed the title to Blacks Yard Hounds Gate

Park Street was what is now the top half of Friar Lane - the stretch from Maid Marian Way up to the Castle.


Park Place was at the bottom of Park Row - roughly where it now joins Maid Marian Way.

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Fab thank you

so if an address was - 2 Park Place, Park Street Nottingham - would that actually have been on what is now Park Row?  The accounts we’ve had passed down made it sound nearer to the castle - which would fit in with Friar Lane replacing Park Street. 

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That makes a difference !  There's more than one Park Place. Ignore my first reference to it on Park Row; the one you want is obviously on Park Street.


This shows everything in one place. Yours is just round the corner from Hounds Gate. The red blob is a marker for the Castle Gatehouse if you want to work out where it all is. You'll see there's also a Park Yard and a Park Square...and others further out.



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And finally...... This is early 1950s and the circle is Black's Yard, which appears to be part-demolished. The arrow shows where Park Place would have been, but it had already been replaced by an office block. Most of the buildings in the lower part of the picture are still there.


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