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As the title says, heres a couple of things that get me swearing at who did them!

The selfish twat at the front of the right hand lane at traffic lights, no signals active, so obviously i queue behind him to go straight on, then the jerkwad puts his ferkin right turn indicator on as the lights turn green, meaning he/she causes an unnecessary queue behind, that is delayed until he/she can turn! AAAGGGHHHHH!!!! :angry:

Second, still involves driving......having let someone through a gap in the traffic, and they totally ignore your act of goodwill!!!!

Go on then peeps.....add yours!

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Is it me or are ITV just determined to ensure that Ant and bleddy Dec are on TV every Saturday night of the year? Yes I know I can turn them off or leave the room and often do but their dominatio

Sadly those who watch those shows represent a large proportion of the population. I sometimes wonder where I went wrong in not being able to join that group.

It's because you're not a herd animal, Phil. Never follow the herd! Best and only advice my father ever gave me.

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Hospital appointments for a certain time,and when you get there,about 20 people are in front of you,all with the same appointment time,and when your name is called and you think you are going to see the doctor, but through the doors you find you have just moved into another waiting area,and also when you make all the arrangements for a certain day,lifts,someone to accompany you etc you receive a letter saying your appointment has been changed to another day.

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Sitting here (As I am now) waiting to speak to someone online , being told "You're 12th in line" etc, and "The waiting time is 4 minutes 21 seconds" Only to discover after 25 minutes that you're 11th in line and the waiting time is expected to be 4 minutes 54 seconds !!

Thanks British Telecom !!

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Marvelous !
I get to number 1 in the queue, (3 quarters of an hour) it then tells me that the wait is 8 mins 42 secs. Then it says "Sorry there are no agents available at this time " and terminates the connection!!!

So I ring up the 24 hour help line ready to rain down hell fire and damnation upon them, when I finally get to speak to someone after the 'voice recognition' crap that they put you through.


Automated Voice "Please say clearly what you are ringing about"

me "I have problem with my internet connection speed"

The automated voice "So , there's been a bereavement in the family and you wish to cancel their contract, is that correct?"

I am now getting a tad overwrought

"No , I have a problem with my broadband speed"

A.V. " So, you have no broadband?"

This time in my clearest telephone voice " I have a problem with my broadband speed"

"So, you have a problem with your broadband speed"

"Hooray" says I

AV " So, what is the problem you are having?"

"It's my broadband speed"

"What in particular"

"Well I'd like some"

I think that AV went into meltdown at this point gave up on me and connected me to an operator, the phone rings and pow, and I'm then speaking to the other side of the world ,,,,,,, again!

I then explained it all again and she starts to patronize me like I'm 5 years old ! Going through all the reasons it could happening (Like I hadn't already checked them!) She insists it's a problem here and has me reset both the ethernet box and my infinity box I tell there's a slight improvement (It's gone up from the 4.92mps I was getting to 9.49mps , I'm supposed to get 30mps) She then does a diagnostic from her end , says "Oh just a second I will retune you from here", and POW I'm now getting 45MPS !!!!!!

Close enough thought I and bade her a fond farewell

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There are so many things that a reasonable person can get pee'd off about, in fact all the phone calls to your credit cards,internet,phone and TV services, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The list is endless,and when you get to speak to a human being,they are in some far off location, they read from a script,and never seem able to help to any satisfaction.

I have come to the conclusion, that none of it, is worth getting pee'd off about, and that when I walk out of my front door ,I am entering a lunatic asylum, where the idiots are in control.

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Mick2me #89

And also,When you have used the Loo, and washed you're hands,You have to pull the door open ,by the handle,used by all the people who don't wash their hands,One day some one will install a door that just pushes open from the inside.


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Carni, we always cruise Norwegian and they are super careful about germs, hand sanitizers everywhere. So when you go to the public loos on the ship, they tell you to use the paper towel you already have in your hand from drying them, to open the door with. The waste paper bin is right next to the door, so it works well.

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Hi Katyjay,

I always open the door by the method you say,it is the nice to know others do this, and on escalators and staircases i rest my wrist hand turned upwards,so as not to touch the rail,but ready to grab hold if i slip.I know there are many places that we can't help touching surfaces but,public toilets are the obvious ones to be aware of.

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Carni, we always cruise Norwegian and they are super careful about germs, hand sanitizers everywhere. So when you go to the public loos on the ship, they tell you to use the paper towel you already have in your hand from drying them, to open the door with. The waste paper bin is right next to the door, so it works well.

When towels are wet ,germs are easily transferred from handle to hand.


Paper towels actually carry germs, study shows

MONTREAL -- A Canadian study may give you pause for thought next time you reach for a paper towel in a public washroom.

The study finds bacteria thrive on the paper products, even on unused towels.

The new study by researchers at Laval University in Quebec City, and published in the American Journal of Infection Control, says some of those germs could be transferred to people after they've washed their hands.

Research into bacterial transmission from unused paper towels to hands and surfaces has not previously been well-documented.

So automatic hand washers and dryers(hot air) +automaticdoor opening/NO door with right angle entrances as in many highly civilised countries. Or you could go to India like I just did with 1.5 billion people and no toilets for 900,000 of them. !

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Automatic driers can also carry bacteria, they thrive in warm moist areas, and the inside of the blower bit is an ideal vehicle for them. I never dry my hands in public places. I allow them to air dry.

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Powered by the latest Dyson digital motor. High speed blades of air dry hands in 10 seconds. It's the fastest way.

Concentrated Airblade™ technology. Protrudes just four inches from the wall. Dries hands hygienically in 10 seconds.

Airblade™ hand drying technology in a tap. Hands can be washed and dried at the sink.

These are all used widely now. Incidentally the next time you visit a men`s loo just notice how many do not bother to wash their hands.!

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In 2006, Toyota Australia launched its corporate environmental plan. It aims to increase recycling and eradicate any waste going to landfill. The use of paper towels in company washrooms challenged this – they generate waste that goes straight to landfill. Additionally, their continual production, supply and disposal makes them expensive.

For every vehicle manufactured at the Altona plant, 5.62kg of general waste is generated – 0.09kg of which is attributed to paper towels. In 2009/10, the plant sent 10,000kg of paper towel waste to landfill.

Toyota Australia purchased 50 machines – 25 were installed at the Altona plant and 25 at its offices in Melbourne and Sydney. At Altona, it’s calculated that the machines will help save $50,000 in annual costs, achieving payback in less than a year. They will prevent 6,785kg of waste going to landfill.

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Can't stand this total ignorance of the English language by .... english people!!!!

The other day on TV I saw two instances of "could of". One on a shot of some flowers at a roadside memorial ("you were the best mate I could of had ..") and another one I can't remember, but I know I could of kicked the bleedy telly aht the winder!!

Why are we becoming a nation of morons! Bring back hanging for misplaced apostrophe's (but give them a damn good birching first!!!

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BLEDDY UPSPEAK, met some people at the weekend in Exeter who i had'nt seen for a year or two,and they've caught it,i seem to hear it all the time on the radio and tv, it just me?

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