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As I have written on here before I had a lot of problems with the house I brought in Nottingham. The previous owner thought he was a DIYer but unfortunately he wasn’t. Everything looked good on the surface but as my nana would say it was all fur coat and no knickers. 
I am invigilating exams again (such joy) so was going to get my floorboards on the landing sorted, they are a bit like the Himalay, you could build a rollercoaster on them, and then hopefully get a bit of decorating done. But, isn’t there always a but, I had a leak under my sink which needed sorting so my handyman nipped in to do it. Unfortunately my stop tap has completely seized up so it can’t be turned off. He managed to sort the leak out but I need my stop tap changing. 
Unfortunately this will involve taking out a corner base unit and propping up the worktop (it’s never easy is it) so he can get to the stop tap and pipe work. I am also on a shared pipe so the water will be turned off for 3 other properties while he is doing it. (Big sigh) Obviously it needs doing so the floorboards and decorating will have to be put off for a while. 
Now this is the third time something like this has happened, The first time was when I had to replace all the guttering round the house as it was pulling away from the front of the house threatening to take my neighbours with it, so the money I had saved up plus a bit more went on this. The second time was when I had to have guttering put round my side room as there was no guttering round it and it was getting really damp, even the loo rolls in the downstairs toilet were damp! It was starting to leak on the seal between the roof and the house as well. So once again the money I had saved up went on this. So once again no decorating. 
There was then a lull and I actually managed to get my front room decorated! It is a really dark room and had been painted a blue/grey colour which made it even worse.

I am now starting to think my house is doing it on purpose once it knows I have some money saved up. Don’t get me wrong it has a friendly feel and I am quite happy here. It is very convenient for shops, vet etc., the neighbours are lovely and it is a quiet area. 

But it keeps doing this to me, perhaps it is making the most of me as it knows I will get these things done when they crop up, the routine maintenance was a bit lax to say the least before I moved here. 
I am getting to the point where every time my handyman comes to do something for me I need counselling as I am wondering what the house will decide needs doing first!



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