The Royal family - are they worth it ?

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23 hours ago, siddha said:

We do not need to "remove" the monarchy as such.

Let The Windsors do what they do as a wealthy family but  we should decouple them from our nation's decision making;  unless of course any of them choose to stand in our (so called) democratic elections. They and their kind should be consigned to our history and that can be acknowledged appropriately without spending public monies raised from taxation.

The administration of the nation should concentrate on providing a healthy and safe place in which we can live with our neighbours.

Unfortunately, the political administration is, by its very nature riddled by self interest and inter-party rivalry. We have muddled economic policies, and instantaneous ill-thought out responses to various national and international crises. We are in a national crisis as regards fuel and power supplies; the administrators have been, yet again caught napping. We have fuel and energy reserves. But once again the power lobby have been obstructed by the green activists into obtaining partial self-reliance on fuel and energy.

We have a national emergency, so our energy reserves should be utilised immediately, including reopening, of one initiative, fracking.   

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I like living in a monarchy and think the moaners, groaners and republicans should put up or shut up. All I hear is 'overprivledge', 'undeserving' and other equally vituperative claptrap. Tear do

I did my army service on Salisbury Plains & exercises in Warcop, Thetford, Sennybridge & Otterburn, then I was based in Munster-lager West Germany. & the medals I received = none at all. I

It’s my wedding anniversary today. 48 years. I wouldn’t change a thing. My wife says she doesn’t regret a single day, she regrets them all.

20 hours ago, Brew said:


For those too lazy to look for themselves, I've done it for you:

The Prince of Wales is wearing the following medals (ordered from left to right):

  • Queen’s Service Order (New Zealand)
  • Coronation Medal
  • Silver Jubilee Medal
  • Golden Jubilee Medal
  • Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Naval Long Service Good Conduct (LSGC) (three additional service bars)
  • Canadian Forces Decoration (three additional service bars)
  • The New Zealand Commemorative Medal
  • New Zealand Armed Forces Award

He also wears the Order of Bath around his neck, the Order of Merit badge, the Order of the Garter sash, the Order of the Garter badge, and the Order of the Thistle star.

Charles also wore the Garter Star, the most prestigious British order of chivalry, which he was awarded in 1958.

He served in both the Navy and Air Force. He also qualified as a helicopter pilot.


You're welcome.


I did my army service on Salisbury Plains & exercises in Warcop, Thetford, Sennybridge & Otterburn, then I was based in Munster-lager West Germany. & the medals I received = none at all. I can get a cold war medal but I'll have to pay for it myself. Mind you I didn't see any action (unless you include the punch-ups in the pubs, lol) or do anything brave, bravest thing I've ever done is answer my wife back... 

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Why don't we set up a fund and have our own medals made.? Some folk on here have taken part in some arduous campaigns in dire circumstances these need recognising. 

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On average, the British Royal Family cost the taxpayer £43 million a year, with them being estimated at a net worth of £383 million as a collective. Individually, they each represent a substantial sum of money due to allowances and inheritances; for example, Queen Elizabeth is worth £322 million alone. However, how is this different from other royals in other monarchies around the world?

There have been several republican-style debates about the usefulness of the royals and why the taxpayers should fund their lavish lifestyles.

One answer of many is tourism; the money that the British Royal Family brings in is extortionate as they are unique, and no other country can quite compete with their pomp and pageantry. If this is true, how are the other royals still afloat, in less tourist-driven nations?

The answer can be put down to the way their finances are handled. In countries such as Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway only the monarch and his/her direct heirs receive government handouts whereas the reigning king or queen gives the minor royals their allowances.

This results in less cost for the taxpayer; for example, per year the Swedish royals cost an average of £11.8 million, with the Spanish royals only costing £7 million. When these figures are compared to those of the British Royal Family’s staggering figure, the question of resourcefulness is begged. What is being done with the money? How are other monarchies surviving on so much less?

Whilst the attraction to Britain and its royals is more defined than it is for other European families, one can’t help feeling that the expenses could be cut down slightly to aid other departments, such as education and healthcare.

Yet, their benefits can be seen as they boost the tourist industry to an average of £535 million per year, as well as lend their voices to voiceless and promote the support of controversial causes.


In other words, the Queen makes money for the country, while all those hangers-on (cousins, etc) should make their own way in the world.

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We have to be careful when quoting absolutes, sources vary massively and can easily give the wrong impression.

Let's take one of your comparisons - your figures...


UK royalty cost 43 millions - population 60+ million - cost per head = 0.71p  per year

Sweden cost 11.8 millions - population  10.4 million - cost per head = £1.14 per year

Not a lot of difference really, changes the perspective , and let's not forget these figures are per year.


Personally I spend more in a cafe buying a cup of tea.


The Spanish kingdom can't be compared it's billions in deep do do and the king has buggered off into exile...


How do others survive? Perhaps they don't do as ours do, for instance do they trot round the globe flying the flag as much as HM?


We will never convince the radicals to recognise they're insanely envious.  I've yet to hear a convincing argument that proves otherwise, they seem to have an aversion to facts.



Sums were wrong...edited to correct.



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Forget the money discussions. We need to be asking what the members of the Windsor family do contribute to this country being  a healthy and safe place in which we and our families can live with our neighbours. We need to look forwards and to building a decent country with decent values. The wonders of the past have had their time and we know about them but let's get on with now and see what can be achieved in the future. Windsors can join in that if they want but they are no better at it than any of us just a great deal richer.

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I can't understand why anyone would be envious of the royals. They allegedly possess vast amounts of money, multiple properties, expensive clothes, jewellery, accessories, etc.  Would I want any of that? No.  They can't, these days, poke their noses out of their splendid front doors without some intrusive paparazzo snapping the hairs up their nostrils with a telephoto lens or some lying hound of a journalist printing yawn-inducing amounts column inches of utter rubbish about what they had for breakfast. Would I want that?  Most definitely not.  I'm not and never have been envious of anyone. Can't imagine why I would be. Royalty? Never. I feel rather sorry for them. I've no particular wish to be 96 but, if I were, I shouldn't appreciate the world and his corgi watching my every move and wondering whether I was dead yet. Leave the poor old bugger alone. Let her have a bit of peace.

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35 minutes ago, siddha said:

We need to be asking what the members of the Windsor family do contribute to this country being  a healthy and safe place in which we and our families can live with our neighbours


Perhaps we could ask the doubters how they think they don't!

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@Jill Sparrow I’m not envious of the Royal family either except it would be nice not having to wait for a doctor’s appointment or surgery. One could see a doctor straightaway  for  even a minor complaint, (before it perhaps became worse)


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HMQ has always subscribed heavily to homeopathy, I believe, and that's not available on the good old NHS.  A friend of mine, not a believer in such esoteric treatments, once compared it, rather crudely, to peeing in Ogston Reservoir (a local beauty spot) and expecting those who imbibed the water to detect that you had done so. I don't know whether it works or not but given her mother's longevity, HMQ might have reached her current age in any event.  Her father might have done better if stress hadn't led him to smoke and drink himself to death.

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6 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

Been taking a leaf out of young Trogg's book, eh Colly? That takes nerve! Give that man a medal!

Yer braver than me Colly , I only answered back once, darent do it again.

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We know that's an exageration. All Mrs trogg does to keep him under control is slip a couple of magnets nearby and he stays put for the rest of the day...

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