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I have had recently 2 (1 of which is still ongoing) what I can only describe as bloopers when ordering from the Internet, 1 of then could almost be described as a scam.
I do order mainly dog stuff (it can be cheaper than pet shops) but usually from sites I use frequently but have been caught out recently. 
The first one was a anxiety relieving dog bed from Buddies Pet Store, it was a bit expensive but looked really good in the pictures and reviews were excellent. The bed was priced in UK pounds so I presumed it was a UK site and I ordered it. Got confirmation of order and delivery dates. The delivery date was over 2 weeks, should have realised then that something was amiss but hindsight is a marvellous thing. I waited a week and then emailed then to see if it had been dispatched as I had heard nothing from them, they assured me it was on its way and I would get tracking info from the Post Office soon, which I actually never did. However I received this smallish parcel and wondered what it was. It was the bed, it did expand when I managed to get it open, it had been vacuum packed.

When I saw it I was horrified. It looked nothing like the pictures, the stuffing was in big lumps in the base and the raised edge had places where there wasn’t any stuffing at all. The cover, which I can only describe as being like shag pile, was also not as luxurious as the picture showed either, you could see the backing through it. I emailed them so I could return it and was then horrified to find out that it had come from Australia!  They wanted pictures to show what was wrong with it which I sent and they agreed there was a problem. 
I went to the Post Office to see how much it would cost to send it back and it was going to be £31, the bed cost £50! I contacted them again pointing out that I would not have ordered it if I had known where it was coming from, the prohibitive price to send it back, that it was not as shown, I didn’t want a replacement and after emails back and forth I did get my money back.
You would have thought that once bitten twice shy but no. I ordered a harness from Big Ralph. It was just what we wanted, Jj is a bit of a jumper upper and this had a handle in the harness which would have given us more control. Ordered it, got confirmation of order, but then didn’t hear anything more. Emailed them and was told it was en route. Eventually got it and it was rubbish, completely different harness to the one I ordered, really cheap and nasty.

Sent an email to their “return” address, nothing, rang the phone number went to voicemail, emailed the address where I got the “it’s in its way” email from, you guessed it nothing. Went on Trustpilot (I know, I know I should have done that before I ordered it) and was horrified. It is a Chinese company that pretends to be an English website according to the reviews, you are lucky to get the goods apparently and they are cheap rubbish if you do get them. They never reply to emails if there is a problem and you want a refund or don’t get the goods, the phone number always goes to voicemail and you never get an answer to your left messages. They have been reported to Trading Standards, don’t know if they can do anything to be honest and virtually every review says “don’t order from them”. There are a few positive ones but they seem a bit suspect.
Starting to think I am not safe to be let loose on the internet by myself:Shock:



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I’m not giving you a ‘like’ because I like your issues StavGirl but because you want to warn others about internet orders.  I’ve had a couple of dodgy dealings in the past but they didn’t cause me that much pain in my pocket.  I sympathise with you.  

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