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Hi folks , just joined the site interested in anyone who recalls the st annes well area before the demolition in the 60s, i lived in rushworth avenue , just off leicester street, 

Also i was born in marple street in carrington , near cramner street i believe ,

Also i attended St Augustines catholic school , cant remember the area top of Dame agnes street i believe , there was another school near by elm school? And a street nearby called bournville street which reminded me of chocolate

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Welcome David


You've mentioned several subjects/places/schools/etc in your post. If you've managed to look through the old threads here on Nottstalgia you'll find many of those subjects crop up.


If you haven't already found it, look on the Homepage in the top right corner for the 'Search' box. It can be a bit temperamental, but it can also turn up some interesting stuff.

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I am still a newbie , but i remember that no one welcome me , but i am still here i like the threads about keep one drop one , song association and the film thread , i joined originally to found lost pals of pre demolition st anns life , but i didnt find any that lived in Leicester street and rushworth avenue where i grew up, but i thank @Cliff Ton as i found a picture of me , my sister and brother .

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Awww cheers @LizzieM  i am  only an attention seeker , yes i enjoy the banter on here , i pop in daily to catch up !

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