Cranmer street , does anyone remember ?

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My grandma used to live in Marple street , just off Cranmer street , you'd  go down some steps onto marple street , i looked on Google maps and i think  today Goldswong avenue  must of been near to that location , i am talking 1960s Nottingham . I am looking for the exact location of marple street as i was born there in the 50,s.

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Thank you Stuart , i have happy memories messing about on those steps leading to marple street , even one day my mam caught me smoking a ciggy on them steps , and ask why i wasn't at school!

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I remember "Winsons" insurance broker - took 90 quid off me to insure my E Type Jag in 1973 - I only paid £500 for the car  CNT 925C.  !!

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  • Cliff Ton changed the title to Cranmer street , does anyone remember ?

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