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At last it works.

The man standing is my grandad, he used to race for money. On the back of this photo is an address. H.C.Ranwell.

York Villas.

9 Imperial Ave.


I havent been able to trace the name or the address. I thought that the buildings were the Trent Pumping Station but they don't look quite right.

Can anyone help.


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It looks to be a possibility.

The picture looks to have been taken down by the trent somwhere, would there have been open land like that at that time, according to your maps.

Where is the Trent Pumping Station?

And Hal what is that badge I see on your jumper?

Also did they ever find that contact lens?

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Hi Mick2me, ilkolad , The badge is Bearsted Golf Club.

If u blow up the photo, in the space between the men on the left is another building with 3 dormer windows in the roof, I don't know if that helps

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There appears to be a long roof, we are seeing it from the long side, with three gable ends on this side?

An 'E' shaped building?


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Ayup Mick.

Answer to the question "when did the gravel workings start" They began in 1926 where the processing plant is now just up from Attenborough railway station, worked their way towards Long Eaton throughout the years and are currently starting to extract material from Pasture lane Long Eaton alongside the Trent.....Work for the quarrying company so know a little about its history.



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This thread has been dormant for some time.

Mick's link to Pathe News brought me to a clip of Beeston Carnival - possibly 1930's.

The film is taken on the old Nottingham Rugby Ground, Ireland Avenue, Beeston.

There is a view of a large chimney, appears to be on the Ericsson factory site and also may be the chimney on the threads original picture.

Beeston Carnival 1930's

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Didn't I see the Beeston Cossaks which my mum was a member? Also didn't I see Beeston maltings along side of the Nottingham to Derby railway line.


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Hi Bip,

Absolutely correct on the Maltings. Did you notice the smoke, I thought there might be bonfires but on second thoughts its are smoke from steam engines outside Beeston Station.

I do not know about the Cossaks, perhaps you are correct here as well.

The parade through the streets is taken at the top of Dovcote Lane.

Certainly a good turnout!

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