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9 minutes ago, Stuart.C said:

Bakers were called Sulleys.

I delivered papers for Lodge newsagents (64-67) (formerley Bagelleys?) next door.


Jeans wool shop.

Elvins Greengrocer

Pet shop

Anthony hardware

Boots on the corner (later became Wilson Travel) opposite Ebenezer church.


@Stuart.C Yes! Sulley's....I was racking my brain last night trying to remember the name. I can recall my mum coming in from shopping on Saturday morning with bread that was still slightly warm, heavenly


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Intelligence has nothing to do with the ability to read, spell or write. I taught adult literacy for some years and was often amazed at the resourcefulness of those who left school totally bewildered

Jill you’re right about being dyslexic. My hubby was diagnosed in the Army, never at school where he came out with zero qualifications. His 4 brothers and the care and foster homes he was in reckoned

HEY ARNOLD,,   The Westminster Bank / builders was Thomas they had a showroom with merchants at the back and also built houses around Arnold. Thomas also built the garage and shops at t

On 7/19/2022 at 4:21 PM, Beekay said:

Been up and down Gamble Street on Streetview, but couldn't see any motor company. To my shame, I've not visited that area for about 40 years.

I used to drive through Hilton and Hatton on my way to Ellesmere port, to take 20 Ton of coal to Bowater paper Mills, but that was back in 1968.   B.

My father had a couple of cars over the years from Martins Motors on Gamble Street. That would have been mid/late 60's and very early 70's. Remember that place well.

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@The Pianomanthat place was on the corner of gamble st & thoroton st & run by jim martin & his son lionel who was always singing gary glitter songs at the top of his voice when working on cars,

if you go onto picture nottingham & put gamble st in the search there is a photo of the place(image ref NTGM015073)


I would put the picture on here but wouldn't have a clue where to start:rotfl:sorry.

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On reflection he only had one car from there. It was a Mk 1 Consul - RAU 56. The next one, a Mk2 Zephyr 965 KTV, he traded the Consul in for, came from Blackton Garage which was at Sutton in Ashfield. Martin was trying to ofload one of two Mk2 Consul's on to my father but they were both bad 'uns. 

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On 7/23/2022 at 9:34 PM, Jill Sparrow said:

So there is! All the old entrances have been blocked or moved. Y

Jill, this is why we are trapped in the manning in our dreams,

its because someone has blocked up all of the exits!! so that we cant escape:rotfl:.


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@Hey Arnoldand @Stuart.C  You’ve both got brilliant memories of old Arnold.  I never spent much time down there, apart from the Swimming Baths and the Library.  When I left Kingswell Primary I palled up with kids from over the hill in Gedling, Mapperley and Burton Joyce.  
After swimming (which was several times a week) I bought a hot cob in Sulley’s to eat on the walk home.  
The wet fish shop between Worrall Avenue and Ravenswood was Osbornes.  The son was Stuart and he had a very nice BMW 2002 (I think)

I went on a water-ski holiday to Majorca in 1969 and Joy Rowbotham (daughter of the butcher) went too.  
The Wool Shop was owned by Jean Pickering, wife of Gordon who has been involved in many building projects with his late brother Cav, including the Savoy and Royal hotels.  
Do you remember Len Smith, the barber on High Street?  I was at CleW with his son Graeme and stayed in contact with him for many years.  Graeme went to the old British School, the scary place behind a high brick wall.  

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Was the barber on Nottingham Road almost opposite the Greyhound pub? I can't recall a barbers on High Street but that would be close.

The one my dad used to take me to when I was little, and which he insisted I go to when I first started to go on my own, was Keith's on Hallams Lane opposite the gates to King George V playing fields. I remember he always used to wear a maroon nylon jacket, shirt & tie and was very dapper with a trimmed moustache and brylcreemed hair. Like most men of his generation he'd probably been in the forces and it showed. I used to hate going to him because in the late 60's I wanted my hair a bit longer and all he used to do was a short back and polished :angry:


I went to school with a lad named Malcolm Watson who was the son of the manager of the swimming baths. They also lived on Hallams Lane opposite Scattergood's the coal merchant. Pickering were familiar names too, I believe my mum knew Jean, I remember being in the shop and them chatting 


The swimming baths also used to have baths that were available. Seems incredible nowadays that some houses still didn't have a bath in the 60' & 70's

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I went to Keiths barbers on Hallams Lane in what was the old sweet shop and before that when he was on Front street where (the original) Fine Fare was built, later Wilkos.

Definitely a dapper man probably RAF.


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Len Smith was definitely on High street, near Burford Street.  There was a ‘barbers pole’ outside the shop.  I do remember the one on Hallams Lane, think my Dad went there.  What’s really worrying is that I can’t remember where I went for a haircut in those days but from mid teens I used to go to Keith Hall on King Street in town, to get my ‘mod-cut’

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The only ladies hairdresser I can remember on Front St was the far end towards Coppice upstairs  close to Lenton and Wilkinson Electrical.


Others seemed to be scattered about amongst housing, like the one on the corner of Acton / Furlong St, still there today, Hair 21


My Mother used to go to Stanley Dennis ? Daybrook or Stanley Barber ? in the City.

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There was a ladies hairdresser on High Street, either on the corner with West Street or near to it, where my mother used to go. I remember the smell of perming solution, the noise of the hairdryers that they sat the ladies under with a magazine & a cup of tea and the clear plastic rain hood my mum used to wear if it rained.

@LizzieM I don't remember the barbers on High Street although I have a vague memory, as a teenager, of a ladies hairdressers around there. Could he have sold it or retired and it was turned into a salon?

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I have no answer to that question @Hey Arnoldbut will ask a friend! 

My mum used to go to a salon up St Albans Road called ‘June and Ernest’.  It was on the left if going into Arnold.  She had perms there and a shampoo and set every week, right up until a few days before she passed away in 1988.  She was determined to look her best in the Funeral Home, bless her.  

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