Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

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10 hours ago, Beekay said:

I realise this is a bit late but Albert Finney was dropping off the bus on his way to town opposite at what was hooleys car showroom. It was a city bound bus out of bilborough depot. Could have one of 16,32,30 or 62. Just to throw a bit in, I was an extra in the film, at the opening credits. I earned more in twenty minutes than a weeks work ! B.

Whoops, made a mistake ! After watching the film again,(s.n.s.m) it shows Albert Finney running to JUMP on a city bound bus on derby road. Which is a bit daft really, because having just left his aunt's on willouby street, the next scene Is the bus jump. He must have run all the way up derby road and down the other side. Thing is, it was only going two more stops. B.

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