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Lenton Times has a feature on Nottingham heliport which l had never heard of. British European Airways started a helicopter service connecting Nottingham and Leicester to Birmingham, intended to be a feeder service for its international services from Birmingham. The service started on 3 July 1956 to great fanfare but ceased in November 1956, BEA citing the need to save fuel due to the Suez crisis although the service had clocked up big losses. The site was used for a time by driving instructors and for go-karting but by 1960 the City Council had realised that the heliport was redundant and allowed the site to be incorporated in the new industrial estate planned for Lenton Lane.  The site is now occupied by the Willow Close portion of Lenton lndustrial Estate.


Lenton Times reproduces a 1956 aerial view of the locality taken from and also superimposes the heliport on a present day photo of the same area which makes an interesting comparison. Presumably that was the only time a scheduled helicopter servive ran from Nottingham. 

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They obviously went to great expense with the facilities.


After much staring I've worked out where the photo is located.


The road going diagonally across the top left corner is Clifton Boulevard from Dunkirk up to Derby Road. The low-level buildings in the top left corner are now the site of the university. The large area mid-top is now QMC. The partly obscured road going horizontally across the upper-middle is Abbey Street.

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After using the latest (free) high tec image manipulating software available to me,, Paint 3D

We have an approximation of the location in todays surroundings,

Bearing in mind the older image was taken at probably a couple of thousand feet and the modern Google image was taken from around 350miles up.





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