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On 8/19/2016 at 3:55 PM, Simong W said:

My father Michael (Mick) Wright used to go to Claremont Secondary Bilateral Modern, he would have left in 1964. Does anyone know which building it would have been then? I believe the family lived on Tissington Road. Perhaps some of you may remember him?

in 64 the school was still on Claremont Road and didn't move until 68/69

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Regarding various posts about teachers, the ones I remember, fondly or not, from 1970-75 in no particular order are: Mr Laughton or Lawton (?) - A P.E. Teacher with a Comb-Over & a size 12 Dunlo

As usual I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but the names you have so far are correct. The other David (the bottle collector) was David Hamilton - he also got on Blue Peter with his collection.

Not Guilty.

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Hi, i'm Steve Read,and i'v just found this forum.I was at Claremont between 1959 to 1965, and ii was astonished at the group picture of all the teachers, and Jack Aram.I can remember some names,but a few i know the faces, but thats all. Eric Dibb tought me, but he did have a temper.You could tell he was getting  mad cos this V shaped vein came up on his forehead.He also kept his strap in his desk, 2 wacks with that and you didn't mess with him again! I remember being in the tennis team with Pete Watson,Mick Brown,and Mick Pomberth. My best mate who was in my class was Vernon Gibbons, his dad was a prison officer,and lived on Hucknall Rd,just past Perry Rd-i lived opposite the Hillcrest Social Club.

As for the canadian teacher Mr Graham ( John Leadbeater mentioned him),well i remember him dating my sister for a while ! Dont know how they met,so i'll have to ask her! By the way,can anyone remember Harold Marshalls sweet shop? It was below Hillcrest Social,then moved over the road to those shops on the corner




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On 1/3/2007 at 9:40 AM, Craig Strongman said:

I attended Claremont between 64 and 67, (the great years of music too!) remembering some names that id love to get in touch with again. (ill add more as i remember them)

Roger King Chris Chambers Stefan Dollar John Sissons Wayne Kerry Steve Farmery Patrick Spinks Richard Attenborough (not that one!)

Rob Stone (used to see him during my 11 year stint at Love Shack)

Brian Glazebrook, whos folks had a beer off on Gawthorne st in New Basford.

Graham Pridmore (actually went to Ellis, but lived near me )

Thats all that come to mind, more added later (if i can remember them!)

I knew one or two rob stones I was never at school much but I left in 1969 but you may remember my brother;

Paul Wilkinson?.

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On 2/26/2015 at 6:20 PM, williamson54 said:

As I am new to the site having only registered a couple of months ago I have been interested in the comments about Claremont School. I was at the school from 65 to 70 and remember many of the teachers. Cliff Lee taught English and wrote a jazz column in the Nottingham Evening Post for many years. Mr Capper taught science at the Sherwood site. Shooter was the woodwork teacher and Price taught metalwork. Wheatley taught maths and Merrick history. Reg Leaf took us for football which involved getting on a bus to Vernon Park playing fields. He was a former referee who I think had refereed an FA Cup final. Mr Dibb did indeed look like Jimmy Edwards. I wasn't taught by him but I do remember him running an after school film club that was packed every week. His party trick if someone misbehaved was to throw the chalk board rubber and land it on the desk in front of them and cover them in chalk dust!. I can also remember him driving an old Citroen that lifted on the suspension when he turned the ignition on. Sammy Salter was my first teacher there who I seem to recall had a short leather strap that he kept in his desk. It was amazing how much pain he could inflict from something so small. Jack Aram was the head. I lived on Haydn Road and managed to get a cycle permit to get to the Sherwood site off Perry Road. In my last year we stopped going to Sherwood and started to use the Forest Fields site on Sturton Street


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