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16 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

He was clearly very upset and it showed in his face. Under the circumstances, I thought he did a sterling job with his address because it can't have been easy for him.  It's just my personal opinion but I don't think he's anywhere near as tough as his mother, his maternal grandmother or his maternal great grandmother come to that. The females in that family are much more resilient than the males. He comes to the role late in life and, if he's not careful, I fear it could destroy him as it did his grandfather.  Let's hope that isn't the case.

My heart did go out to him, i can't even begin to imagine having to do what he had to do only hours after your mother has died. I know in the first few days after my own mum died i was good for nothing. And whilst i dont dislike him and wish him well as king, i have always said that i think princess Anne would have made better monarch.

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Whether you are in favour of the monarchy or not, the death of our Queen is a monumental historical event, not only here in Britain but all around the world. There are plenty of other tv channels nowa

One of the Queens pallbearers Luke Simpson is from just up the road in Selston, you have done you country, Nottingham, family & friends proud.   Respect x      

Each and everyone of those eight young men deserve the utmost respect and admiration, what a mammoth task to have to perform under the gaze of the world, which they did faultlessly. They are no doubt

7 hours ago, Jill Sparrow said:

but it's very unlikely to give any details of her cause of death. Philip's didn't.

Is that because they don't want the commoners to know or is there some formal convention that prevents it?

I guess at 96 you could just put "old age" and it be as accurate as anything


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Phillip's cause of death was recorded as old age, Princess Margaret's was stroke and King George VI was coronary thrombosis. I don't believe that there is any convention that prevents the cause of death from being in the public domain, just the family's desire for privacy 

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There was spare /backup hearse, same make / model in the support convoy to the rear with another Police Motorcylist wearing Black, not high Vis.


Also included ambulance, Police minibuses and the obligatory mysterious blacked out vehicle with the driver and front seat passenger in plain clothes wearing partial facemasks, not the Covid / NHS type.

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Personally I am grateful to be able to witness this period in our history from all aspects. Certainly the Irish piece of it. I grew up thinking that the riots and killings on both sides was “normal” for the time but how times have changed eh. I also think it was apt that she passed away in Scotland, a place that she loved and spent more time there than any other monarch. They did her proud. Well done to Princesse Anne who has looked over her throughout and Charles who quite understandably has got very frustrated over the “pen” incidents when he has been so busy.  

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