Why & when did you leave Nottm?

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Lived in Nottingham for 4 years back in the mid 60's. Served as a beat and Panda driver with Tug et al and left the force. Joined the Army in '71 until '86 and during a tour in Belize met my wife who lived in Los Angeles. Decided to join her after leaving the Army and have been here since '86 and have just celebrated 33 years of a great marriage. Sorry, but could never go back to live in the UK again. I visited Nottingham after being gone for 40 years and couldn't believe how much it had changed. In the '60's it was a bustling city, but when I went back it was DEAD! There was no-one in the City Centre. I loved Nottingham while I was there as a youngster, the Palais, Sherwood Rooms, playing darts nightly in my local  where the Victoria Centre now sits. SoCal weather is the best even with the threat of earthquakes and fires, but I don't think I'll move! Took up golf 14 years ago and can now play year round, except when it rains, which is NOT very often!

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I left Nottingham in the 1970’s, hubby got a job at a pit outside Doncaster where his parents lived, Nottingham pits weren’t taking on at that time. We came back regularly to see my family. Always con

Money (lack of) and lack of prospects were the primary reasons for me leaving Nottingham!   I was working at Gerard's as a formulation chemist under George Whalley and Arthur Allen (gentl

Back in the 60s and very early 70s I blotted too many  Nottingham copy books too often. Self exile was the only answer. I left in 71 and very seldom returned other than to visit elderly Ps and sibs.

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Welcome Pete the retired cop

so sorry to read that you would not like to live in the UK again, now come on Boris will look after you.

No did not mean it, the master and my self have lived in SA also seen a lot of the world, must admit if we were 60/40/even 20 years younger we would be on that plane to AUS. 

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Same here, would never want to return and live in the UK. Only been back for a visit once in 40 years, was too crowded for me, I felt like screaming, so many people, roads had shrunk and were so narrow.


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Bringing this topic back to life ! ! !


I left nottingham after leaving alderman.w.derbyshire school in bulwell as an easter leaving , start a career as a stable groom in the horseracing industry, i fact my parents didnt even know i got the job , one day i bought the horse and hound .agazine , and wrote off to a equine employment agency , got 3 replies from potential employers,  and land a job in Empshott Hampshire ,

After riding racehorses for 7 month i got homesick and told the boss i wanna go home to nottingham, 

But when i got back things change ,i had a couple of jobs one on hucknall lane maket pallets at Marshalls , then in an hosiery factory on greasley Street bulwell, but miss the horses so terribly i ask my boss in Hampshire can i comeback ?

Went back and stayed for 5 yrs , 

Then moved around do the same job looking after racehorses in wantage oxon, weyhill Hampshire,  melton mowbray,  Carburton, and lasltly Asforby leicester.

Finally after leaving the horseracing industry i had various jobs in the isle of wight, then Portsmouth before moving to london where i met my filipina wife and married in 2017,  retired from the N.H.S in 2019, sold our house and went to live in the Philippines. 

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An interesting story of your life - you obviously like horses - do you still ride now?

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@MargieH thank you,  no I've never sat on a horse since leaving the horse racing industry,  i had an assortment of jobs all no skilled because i went straight into horseracing and had no A levels or other Diplomas , but i ended up in the N.H.S as a hospital porter did that for 13yrs until i retired , and it's where i met my filipina wife too, and she also led me to christ through church,  i am truly blessed !

How about you margie what was your career ?

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David, I 'm sure there's a thread somewhere on here about what jobs we have had since leaving school.

@Cliff Ton have you any idea where this could be!

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